Survivor: Cagayan - Episode 12

Straw That Broke the Camel's Back

By Jim Van Nest

May 15, 2014

Blink your eyes if you are not too nice for Survivor.

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Hello, good people! Can you believe we're coming to the end of the Survivor season already? This one has just flown by! So after all the previews and buzz about a vote finally going toward Tony, he was able to keep his bag of tricks closed and get through another episode without having to play either idol. Apparently tonight is the last chance to use an idol, so Tony could be in the position to really set himself up for the endgame tonight. You have to think if Spencer doesn't win immunity tonight, he's toast. Everyone out there has to know that Spencer beats anyone in a final Tribal, right? Judging by the previews, though, Spencer may prove to have yet another life in this game as the claws are coming out. Kass and Trish look to be going at it pretty good...which bodes very well for the three guys. At the same time, there's a clip of Woo saying that he's the swing vote, which is usually the kiss of death.

One other thing I'm wondering about...we're at Final Five, right? Where's the family visit? Is this seriously going to be the first Survivor season without a family visit? They have to have one and it surprises me it's this late in the season. Nothing seems to suggest we'll get it tonight, which means we could be looking at a Final Four family visit during the finale next week. Either way, tonight is the night where some million dollar decisions can be made. I can't wait to see who makes the good ones.


We begin the show at camp after Tribal. It's pouring down rain, so it's even more miserable for Spencer. He asks Woo and Kass what the point of their "final three" deal. If they never planned to go through with it, why play him like that when there was nothing he could do? Woo tells him he already has a final three deal and Kass told him it's because that's what you do in Survivor. Tony tells him it's because they're loyal. Spencer's only hope is that he's still in the game and he's in it with a bunch of people who know very little about how to play it.

The next morning, Woo and Tony are out on the water. They discuss how Spencer can't win the immunity so he can go. They say that Kass would be the perfect person to take to the end. Woo tells us that he chose to stay with Tony because he wanted to show his loyalty and sit with Tony at the end, since they started the game together. He then tells Tony all about the final three from the last reward and about how Kass was totally on board with trying to take him out. Tony tells us that Woo showed his loyalty and that he's good and genuine. He hates that he'll have to blindside Woo before all is said and done. He says that you can't take someone like Woo to the end. His wife told him before he left not to do something stupid. And taking Woo to the end will be stupid. So he's listening to his wife on this one.

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