Survivor: Cagayan - Episode 12

Straw That Broke the Camel's Back

By Jim Van Nest

May 15, 2014

Blink your eyes if you are not too nice for Survivor.

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Wow, right after the credits: Probst sighting! Today's challenge is a mud pit challenge. They have to cover themselves in mud and then bring it back to a bucket and rub it off. After 10 minutes, the person with the most mud in their bucket wins reward. Reward this time will be a delivery of nice hot pizza delivered to camp. The best part of these kinds of challenges is the end, where the winner has to choose who else gets pizza and who doesn't. It's pretty hard to get any kind of gauge as to who's winning. Probst seems to think the guys are leading, but I'm not sure how he could possibly tell. And after 10 minutes, the challenge is over. And when it's all said and done, Tony's bucket is overflowing and no one else's is even close. Tony wins reward! And now the choice. Tony has to choose one person to enjoy pizza. "Anorexia, come on over." And Trish will get to put some meat back on her bones.

After the break, they all have fun talking about the challenge. Kass tells us that she is happy that Tony chose Trish for the reward. That should show everyone how joined they are. She feels that no one should have that much power in the game. Spencer tells us that the pizza is like a metaphor for the game. People are just handing everything to Tony without any thought or question. As Tony wolfs down an entire pizza, Trish finally just asks him if he really has the special powers idol. He tells her that he does and that he actually has two idols right now. She asks about only being able to use them tonight, but right off the bat, he lies to her. He tells her he can use the normal one at five and the Tyler Perry idol at four. She falls for it, hook line and sinker. He tells us that the plan is to make everyone think the special idol can go to four, so no one will vote for him then either. Talk now turns to who the final three should be. They both agree that Spencer has to go next and then probably Woo. Kass has pissed off everyone and is the perfect goat to take to the end. Tony tells us that Trish and Kass are his plan for the final three. He says Trish is solid, but he needs to work something out with Kass.


He pulls Kass aside and tells her that he knows she went behind his back. He tells her that Woo told him everything. He says that he's not worried about that, though. He still wants to go to the end with her. He tells her he can't beat Woo and he thinks he'll have a 50/50 shot against her. Kass tells us that she thinks it was dumb for Woo to tell Tony, but it was even dumber for Tony to tell her. Chaos Kass is back. Um...yay? Back at the fire, she asks Woo why he told Tony everything. Woo, naturally, denies everything. As Tony walks up, Kass tells Tony that Woo said he didn't tell him anything. Tony asks her what she's doing and why she came right back to camp and started stuff with Woo. Kass tells Woo that he shook her hand and promised on his family to take her to the end. This is pretty much all Tony can take. He tells her that she wasn't supposed to come back and start talking all that and that now he's done with her. Somewhere in his diatribe, he speaks llama a little and I think he coughed up a hairball. He tells us that Kass is an insult to this game and because of that, she needs to go. Kass, meanwhile, loves all the trouble she's causing...not realizing at all that she's losing one jury vote after another.

Later in the day, everyone is back at camp now. Kass tries to tells Tony that what she did was strategic. And that now one of his people doesn't think he's one of his people. Tony and Trish head off to grab coconuts and Kass makes a move to try to pull in Spencer and Woo to go against Tony and Trish. She says that as much as she'd like to get rid of Tony, Trish might be the better target because of Tony's idols. Kass also seems to think she can beat Tony in the finals. Spencer asks Woo what he's thinking. Woo says that he's thinking that he hasn't pissed off anyone on the jury and Tony probably won't want to take him to the end. They decide that it's time to take Trish out and Kass says it'll be good to take away the goat he wants to take to the end. As she's saying this, Trish comes around the corner and overhears. She tells us that she's pretty pissed hearing that since she's tried real hard to be nice to Kass. The fight is a-brewing. Hopefully it's everything we've hoped it will be! Before we get to that, Spencer tells us that when he woke up, immunity was really his only option. But now, there are some cracks he might be able to work with and stay in the game even if he doesn't win. And with that...

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