Survivor: Cagayan - Episode 12

Straw That Broke the Camel's Back

By Jim Van Nest

May 15, 2014

Blink your eyes if you are not too nice for Survivor.

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Probst sighting #2! Tonight's challenge is massive and looks to have many parts. First they will have to untangle a braided rope to release a key. They'll then need to put rungs in a ladder, steps in a staircase and then solve a Survivor slide puzzle. Winner gets immunity and is safe from the vote. Tony's the first one finished with the ropes and key. Trish is the next one finished, then Kass. As Tony begins placing ladder rungs, Spencer and Woo get their keys. Tony is still in the lead, but Spencer has now caught up and is right behind him. Tony takes a bigger lead now and climbs his ladder on his way to the staircase. Spencer is the only one challenging right now; the others have fallen out. Spencer completes his ladder, but Tony has completed his stairs and is on to the slide puzzle. Spencer is halfway done with his stairs now, while Tony is working on the slide puzzle. Oh yeah, Woo and Kass finally finish their ladders.


Spencer finally finishes his stairs and starts working on his puzzle. Tony has had A LOT of time on this puzzle. Let's see how well the brain fares here today. Spencer is taking a lot of time studying the puzzle, while Tony pushes pieces around furiously. And just like that, Spencer solves the puzzle and wins immunity! And the worst scenario for the alliance came true. They have to eat one of their own.

They come back to camp and Tony laments the fact that he could have been out there all day and would never have solved that puzzle. Spencer tells us that he can't be happier with the necklace on and that now he gets to sit back today and watch the show. As if on cue, Trish says, "Spencer I think you're a great guy, but I have a question for Kass. Do you think I'm stupid?" She calls Kass out for gunning for her and trying to take her out. Spencer, in a pretty good move, interrupts to tell Trish that he really likes her, but he had to do something. She wasn't worried about Spencer, but it was a very small move that may just earn a jury vote for Spence. Trish goes on to say that she wanted Spencer to see what type of person Kass is. That she's been playing both sides of every single situation and then been claiming to be the victim. Apparently this goes on for a while, because Trish keeps going. She believes Kass thinks she can win this game, but she can't. She goes on to tell Kass what a horrible person she is and how everyone else out there sees her for what she is. Tony takes Trish aside and takes her for a walk to cool off. Woo goes with them. Spencer tells Kass that the only hope for them is Woo right now. Their only chance in the game is now to get Woo on their side.

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