Survivor: Cagayan - Episode 12

Straw That Broke the Camel's Back

By Jim Van Nest

May 15, 2014

Blink your eyes if you are not too nice for Survivor.

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Tony takes this time away to try to clear things up with Woo. Woo asks him if he really swore on his kids to Kass. Tony admits that he did. Woo tells him that he's concerned because Tony never promised him Final Three. And for the first time this season, what we see here is Tony scrambling. He tells Woo that he has two idols and that they'll be the final three, guaranteed, for sure this time. He is clearly shaken up and trying to pull everything back together. Woo doesn't seem to be hearing it. He shakes Tony's hand on the NEW "promise on my wife and kids" but tells us that he can't trust Tony anymore as Tony is lying to everyone. He says now might be the time to make that big move he keeps talking about.

A little later, Woo approaches Kass and tells her that he is voting out Trish. He says that it's clear Tony isn't with him anymore. Spencer joins the conversation and the discussion is voting off Trish. Woo says he's totally on board with this. He wants to win this game and this is the way to do it. He asks Spencer and Kass for a final three pact (again). They all shake hands. Of course, while they're all talking, Tony is listening in. And knowing who they plan to vote for, this Tribal will be all too easy for Tony. Before we head to Tribal, though, Tony walks on the beach with Woo and asks him what's going on in his head. He tells us that he saw Woo talking to Spencer and Kass. He tells Woo that it's an injustice to take Kass to the end and he knows it. Tony tells us that he's hoping he kept Woo with him, but that he might have to change the plan tonight.

Probst starts with Tony at Tribal. He asks him about Spencer winning immunity and the alliance finally having to turn on itself. Kass tells Jeff that after the challenge, Trish completely blew up on her. For no reason and stuff. Typical Kass, she stirs the pot and then conveniently plays the victim when the results go like this. Trish actually chimes in to say something very similar. She says that Kass is running around trying to turn Woo against Tony and Tony against Woo and then when everyone gets together, she plays the "I didn't do anything and everyone's being so mean to me" card. Jeff asks Spencer about how good this is for him. He says that everything was pretty crazy today and that his win helped speed up this process.

I don't exactly know how to recap the next portion of Tribal. It starts with Woo saying that he's looking at it as three Brawn vs. two Brains and that Kass is in trouble. This brings up all the nonsense from earlier with Tony and all his promises. Naturally, Kass claims that her strategy worked PERFECTLY and that she's caused problems all over the place. Tony, of course, mocks her as the strategist. There's more mocking, Tony makes funny faces and speaks llama again. Kass has that same shit eating grin on her face that she always has, Tony talks with his hand, Spencer and the jury laughs and Jeff sits back and tries to figure out what kind of twist he can have in a later season that gets Tony back on the show.


Woo talks about how this is like a bad family. Tony and Trish are the parents. Spencer and Kass are the kids and he's the foreign exchange student. He wants to tell them to shut up and concentrate on the game. And then Tony retakes control. His vote tonight is not emotional, it's gameplay and he's not going home tonight. He says his bag of tricks is too heavy and he'll be playing his idol tonight. "Out with the old and in with the new" as he puts the Tyler Perry idol around his neck. Spencer says that this is the time when he would point out that Tony is the biggest threat and he would be throwing his vote at Tony, but the idols kinda throw a wrench in that.

And finally, the Survivor gods smile on us and it's time to vote. We see Spencer's vote for Trish saying that the cat fight needs to be settled somehow. Trish casts her vote for Kass suggesting she get a book on self-awareness. And that's all we're gonna get tonight. Now, the question is: Will Tony give Trish the idol? Jeff asks and Tony gets up to play the idol. FOR HIMSELF!!! Seriously, dude, what's the play there? So, okay. Any votes for Tony don't count. First vote: Trish. Second vote: Kass. Third vote: Trish. 13th person voted out of Survivor: Trish. Ahhhhhh, I see. Tony, for whatever reason, decided to jump ship on Trish and vote with the rest of the group. I'm not totally sure this was the move to make here. Give Trish the idol, vote for Kass and insure your people make it to the end. Or if you really want to win, tonight was the night to dump Woo and keep both of the unlikable women in the game. I guess he truly believes Kass is the best person to sit with at the end. This was a really risky move. Of course, it could also be because he knows he'll get Trish's vote in the end. She's shown time and time again that she will fall back in line with him. So why wouldn't she give him the vote for a million dollars?

Next time on the season finale of Survivor: a boat comes to the island. Spencer leaps off a tall tower into the water. Kass asks someone if they want her to be their mama or do they want her to come out here and win. Tony is sobbing big tears. And Woo, "If it comes down to me burning the whole place down, so be it!" I'll tell you what it looks like. It looks like there might just be a family visit, what with the weird boat coming to camp, Tony crying hard, and the fact that Kass might actually be talking to one of her kids. There's never been a Survivor without a loved ones visit, so I kinda expect to see some family members at the beginning of next week's episode. I could also be horribly wrong. I do know a couple things for sure. One, someone will win this thing next week. Two, the finale is now on Wednesday! Please do not tune in on Sunday, you'll be sadly disappointed! Check back at BOP soon for the final Power Rankings of the season and I'll see you back here next week as we crown a champion of Survivor: Cagayan! 'Til then, take care!

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