Survivor: Cagayan - Episode 11 Part One

Havoc to Wreak

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

May 11, 2014

They still love her in the Lou.

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Hello, good people, and welcome back to Survivor: Cagayan! Can you believe we only have three more episodes before the winner of this season is revealed? Time has definitely flown by this season. Last week, at a 5-2 disadvantage, it seemed to be a lock that either Spencer or Tasha was going home. But, this unpredictable season lived up to that billing when Tony and Woo decided it was best to send the biggest threat home, Jefra. Even if the all-girl alliance idea had merit, Jefra should have been third on the list to send home. The only way to explain it has to be that maybe Tony is assuming that Trish and Kass will fall right back in line with him this week and they can continue their march to the finals. I mean, he keeps doing this and they keep coming back, so why would this vote be any different? Oh yeah, while all of this was going on, Tony was also buying a hidden idol clue, which he used to find yet another hidden idol. Yes, he has two idols now and one of them is the uber-powerful Tyler Perry idol.

Previews suggest that Kass, Trish and even Woo are starting to plot against Tony this week, not that it'll matter one little bit. If Tony gets too worried, he can play his normal idol or he can just wait for the votes to be read and play the TP idol. Actually, I wouldn't mind seeing this. The smugness that will be on Kass' face when she sees Tony get all the votes...and how fun it'll be to watch it disappear when Tony gives the idol to Probst. It could possibly be a magical Tribal tonight. Well, what are we waiting for, let's get to it!


There will be lots of 'splainin' to do when they get back to camp after the Jefra blindside. Kass is, not surprisingly, pissed off about the vote. She compares Tony to a mafia Don. As she's doing that, Tony asks her and Trish if they want an explanation. Trish, of course, completely understands. Trish, you're KILLING me here! How many times has he completely left you out of the loop on his plans? And every time you get back to camp, you "totally understand." Understand this: the game is being played around you. Tony is playing (and winning) this game around you and you're letting him do it. She even gives his reason for him - because Jefra wanted to vote him out, so she had to go. Ever the good soldier, Trish will continue in this game...of that I'm sure.

Kass, who I can only assume was shunned from the cool girls' table at lunch, hates being left out. She hates having stuff happening at Tribal that she doesn't know about and isn't in control of. Essentially, she doesn't like the chaotic nature of Tony's game. She tells Tony that she realizes Jefra was on the outs and that he's a hothead. Tony suggests that it's not being hotheaded to get rid of someone who was trying to get rid of you. In her defense, in the midst of a huge pile of nonsense, Kass does make one good point. Tony's so worried about Jefra trying to get him out, but why isn't he worried about Spencer and Tasha trying to eliminate him? He justifies it by saying that Spence and Tash never promised him anything. Jefra did. And when he makes a promise, he keeps it, until that person stabs him in the back. Back to the nonsense, Kass, who oozes condescension out of every one of her pores, accuses Tony of getting old out there and being condescending to everyone. Hello, pot, I'm the're black!

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