Survivor: Cagayan - Episode 11 Part One

Havoc to Wreak

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

May 11, 2014

They still love her in the Lou.

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We come back from break and apparently the shenanigans between Tony and Kass aren't done yet. He tells us that he doesn't like to have people mad at him and he wants to try to smooth this over with Kass before she gets the idea to try to take him out. So he goes to her on the beach and asks her if she was joking with him or if she really thought he was talking about her. She tells him that she knows what she heard and he needs to stop lying. It's odd that maybe the one time Tony is telling the truth, she won't believe him. But, that's the bed he's he's lying in it. With two idols in hand, I don't know why he's so worried about it. Kass tells us she likes that Tony is imploding. She likes chaos. Whoa, wait a second. You LIKE chaos? More specifically, she likes chaos that she feels that she caused. Because Tony's game has been nothing but chaos and she hates that and hates him. This whole discussion is ridiculous and I can't believe this is the best footage they have for us from these three days. SOMEthing else had to be going on, right?

They continue to take jabs at each other about their age, how they act, etc. Finally Tony suggests that Kass might vote for him. She says she will write his name down. And off he goes, "Write my name down and you'll go home." They go back and forth for a bit until Tony says that he has the special idol. Naturally, no one believes this. As Kass continues to say she just wants to get one guy out, Tony keeps telling her, "You can't." When asked to show the special idol, he refuses...which only leads to the doubt among the rest of the group. She refuses to believe his claim that she can't vote him out and, "Just like that, Tash and Spencer; you guys move up another notch, huh?" Ugh, can't we just move on to a...


Probst sighting!! Today's challenge is a team challenge. Each team has a wall of puzzle blocks set up. The first part of the challenge will be to knock down the other team's wall. Once one wall is completely knocked off the platform, that portion of the challenge will end. Then one person from each team will need to rebuild their own wall. First team to rebuild their puzzle wall wins the best reward of the season. They've gotten away from this reward in past seasons and I'm so glad to see it back. The winning team will get to be Survivor Ambassadors to a local school. They will bring all sorts of school supplies for all of these elementary school kids and some extra supplies for the school itself. They'll also get burgers and hot dogs, but that's not really what the reward is about. Worth playing for? Of course it is.

The teams are broken up as Spencer, Kass and Woo against Tony, Trish and Tasha. The challenge starts off and the sandbags they're throwing don't do too much damage. Looks like they're gonna have to dig a little deeper and throw harder. After all the destruction takes place, one puzzle (Tasha, Trish and Tony) is completely destroyed and the other only has two pieces left, but they're not where they started, so this really comes down to Spencer vs. Tasha in solving the entire puzzle. Tasha jump out to a big lead on Spence, but starts to slow down as she can't find the right pieces. Spencer, now getting a lot of help from Kass, starts to catch up. As Spencer blows by Tasha, it becomes clear that this won't even end up being close. Spencer, Kass and Woo win reward! Tony, Trish, Tasha - Jeff's got nothin' for ya.

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