Survivor: Cagayan - Episode 11 Part One

Havoc to Wreak

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

May 11, 2014

They still love her in the Lou.

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We come back from break to join the challenge winners as they get to the school. Before they even get out of their bus, all these kids come pouring out into the courtyard and they're SO excited to have them there. They get out of the bus and start handing out book bags and basketballs and recess equipment to all these kids. Spencer tells us that he doesn't even really like kids, but that this was one of the most amazing experiences he's ever had. And then something happens. We've watched Woo (hang dai, brother Woo, hang dai) and he's been goofed on a bit because he's young, naive and doesn't seem to have too much of a handle on what's going on in the game. I've compared him to Fabio as a fun loving surfer dude who doesn't really have many cares in the world. And then, this reward happened. The next scene is just amazing. Everyone seems to be under some sort of tent with a stage up front. Woo takes to the stage and transforms. It's like Bruce Lee meets the Harlem Globetrotters. First he does some martial arts demonstrations, then it's basketball. He gets Spencer involved; he gets kids involved. He becomes a true showman. I shudder to think of how this reward would have looked if the other team won. Woo HAD to go on this reward and I, for one, am so glad that he did. As they leave the kids and head to get their food, Woo is still going on and on about how great the kids are and how excited they were.

Kass has other ideas, though. She wants to talk game. She suggests that it's time to flush the idol. So she comes up with a plan for her, Spencer, Woo and Tasha to work together and split their 2 votes between Trish and Tony. Assuming Trish and Tony will vote for Tasha, that would cause a three-way tie and Tony would end up using his idol and then Trish would go home. Or something like that. I don't know what makes less sense...her plan or the fact that she took her plan to Woo, of all people. He's Tony's right hand man. For someone who prides herself on being so much smarter than everyone, she sure seems to have missed the mark here.


Spencer is hesitantly on board with the plan. He has trusted Kass before and been totally screwed, but at this point, the only hope for him and Tash is to exploit this rift. Woo, his aforementioned confidence fading, is back to seeming like he's lost. "You want to vote Tony before Tash?" Kass goes on to say that they could make a final three pact right now and be well on their way to the "most fair" final three, where no one has the advantage. There she is...the Queen of Delusion. I'm not sure anyone gets a vote other than Spencer in a Spencer/Woo/Kass Final Three. But whatever you need to do to sleep at night, Kass. Spencer tells us that working with Woo is nerve wracking, because he's very non-committal. When asked straight up if he's in, Woo says it's definitely something he'll consider.

I'm of two minds on this topic. On one hand, stopping and considering the option is WAY better than just jumping in with both feet into any alliance that presents itself, so bully for Woo for wanting to think this through. However, as we saw with Jonathan Penner a couple seasons ago, that alliance window may only be open for a minute and if you don't climb through fast enough, it may close on your fingers. Woo tells us that it's the time in the game where big moves need to be made and even though he's been with Tony from day one, it's something he'll consider.

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