Survivor: Cagayan - Episode 11 Part One

Havoc to Wreak

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

May 11, 2014

They still love her in the Lou.

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The next morning dawns with the guys sitting around the fire talking, while the ladies are in the shelter seemingly still asleep. The guys are talking about Tony's life as a cop and how he never gets nervous. As they talk, Spencer tells us that he thinks Tony is lying about everything he says out there. He's playing harder than anyone else and that makes him dangerous and tough to work with. If the Tony/Kass bickering didn't reach ludicrous speed, it completely goes to plaid this morning. I guess Spencer is up earlier than normal, because he asks if he really sleeps this late every day. Tony says he's surprised that Kass isn't up, because she's always up a lot earlier. He suggests that maybe she's not feeling well and that's why she's sleeping in today.

But AHA - that sneaky sneakster Kass is actually faking sleep so she can hear all the dirt Tony is talking about her. She tells Tasha that Tony is talking crap about her. Tash, God love her, plays right along. "He talks stuff about everybody." At this point, this festering feud between Tony and Kass can only mean good things for the Spencer/Tasha duo. By this time, the guys are back to listening to more of Tony's super cop stories. But Kass is hell bent that Tony said she was a bitch and wanted to get her out. Now, this show is heavily edited. I suppose it's possible that Tony did say this stuff and the editors decided it would be funny to not show it and make Kass look delusional.'s possible that she heard her name and has jumped to conclusions that they're saying bad things about her, even though they weren't. Having made her plea to the girls about how much of an ass Tony is, Kass takes to the confessional, telling us that now she hates him even more.


The girls finally get up and Tony asks Kass about sleeping in. She confesses to him that she wasn't sleeping and that she heard everything he said about her. She says that he knows what he said and so do Spencer and Woo, since they were there. Woo, as we all know, cannot hide true emotion and he is shocked at what she's saying. If that doesn't say something to you, nothing will. But Tony tries anyway. Spencer tells us that Kass completely misheard Tony and that he never said a bad thing about her. He says that it's one of the rare times in this game that Tony has been telling the truth. "Am I gonna clear up the situation? Noooo!" Spence loves this like a fat kid loves cake.

Tony, still trying to clear the air, says that he really wasn't talking about her...he thinks about her all the time, but he wasn't talking about her. He tells us that he just wants her to stick with him so he can take her to the end and getting all the votes. Kass tells us that the way Tony is playing, these other people are like cult followers. She doesn't want to be a cult follower. The problem with this is she can't be a cult leader as no one will follow her. Whether she likes it or not, she's destined to be a follower in this game...or the next person sent to Ponderosa.

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