Survivor: Cagayan - Episode 8

Bag of Tricks

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

April 17, 2014

I thought I was doing fairly well. What happened?

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Hello, good people, it's that time again! Time for another thrilling episode of Survivor: Cagayan! When we hung out last, Kass had flipped to the dark side and Spencer, Tasha, Morgan and Jeremiah were left to pick up the pieces of their alliance. A reward challenge win and a lucky seating chart put an idol clue in Spencer's hot little hands. Through a series of events that I still can't believe happened, the clue ended up in Woo's hands. Instead of staying in #ninjastealthmode and hunting down the idol himself, Woo shared the clue with everyone. This led to a keystone cops adventure as everyone was searching for the idol in the same place at the same time. Making up for his snafu with the clue, Spencer somehow manages to come away with the idol without being seen.

After winning immunity, Spencer was sitting with a necklace AND an idol. Thinking that he could potentially turn the tide, Spencer targets Kass as a potential flipper. I wonder what gave him the idea Kass would flip. Anyway, his goal here was two-fold: to get Kass back with him and even up the numbers and also to see if she'd tell him who the other folks were voting for, so he could more wisely use his idol. He got no such help with the vote and only got a so-so reaction from Kass. He rallied his troops to cast their votes for Tony and when push came to shove, forcing a 5-5 tie and going to the rock pull was enough to make Kass stick with her last flip (for the time being) and Morgan was sent packing 6-4.

Now down 6-3 in the numbers, Spencer, Tasha and Jeremiah are on a quickly sinking ship. At the nine, this is the time to try to get the bottom of the main alliance to flip. The only problem is that the alliance has been really good about not really showing WHO the bottom is. I mean, we all know Kass is six, but she's made her bed now. She has no choice but to lie in it, unless she can get another person to flip with her. I don't see anyone willing to do that. Now, the previews seem to suggest that Tony's paranoia hits ludicrous speed maybe that plays into the vote. As it is, I really only see four potential targets and one of them has an idol. Spencer will live to see another day because of the idol. I don't think anyone targets Jeremiah as he really isn't a threat in any sense of the word right now. That leaves Tasha and Kass. #comeontasha


We begin tonight at camp after Tribal and Tony's gone to plaid. He's pissed because the other alliance voted against him. He feels that Woo and LJ are way bigger threats than he is and he doesn't understand why they would vote him. He tells Spencer that he's taking at as a compliment. He also tells them that the reason Morgan is gone is because she doesn't deserve to be there. He says he works his butt off and doesn't get why they would vote for him. To their credit, Spencer and Tasha just let him rant while telling him that they didn't have the numbers so they voted for their biggest threat.

The next morning finds Trish and LJ on the beach talking about Tony. They're concerned about the paranoia he's got going on right now. Trish tells us that if everyone just stays calm, they're in good shape. As it is, Tony freaking out is not a good thing right now. We then join Tony complaining to LJ about how his name keeps coming up. Tony tells us that he's worried about LJ. He's aligned with him, but he sees LJ as the biggest threat in the game. He hatches a plan to get LJ to be the ringleader to get rid of one of their own. He feels that if LJ spearheads a vote for Woo, he'll be able to paint LJ a traitor and get him out of the game. His plan is to convince everyone that LJ is talking about them behind their backs and get everyone to turn on LJ.

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