Survivor: Cagayan - Episode 8

Bag of Tricks

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

April 17, 2014

I thought I was doing fairly well. What happened?

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Tony's plan is to try to use them to get rid of LJ, then go back to his alliance and finish it up. He tells them that at the next Tribal he doesn't want to get rid of Spencer or Jeremiah because he feels like he'll need them later. Spencer tells us he doesn't believe Tony at all. But he plans on telling Tony everything he wants to hear. He reminds us that he has an idol and he's ready to play it if he feels the least bit threatened. His hope is that by following Tony's lead, he might find a crack in there somewhere to squeeze through.

We come back from break and everyone is back at camp now. Tasha tells us that she's in a bad spot right now and she's planning to work on LJ. She feels like he's smart enough to know that Tony won't take him to the end. She approaches him and suggests that they go somewhere else to talk. LJ tells us that Tony's so messed up right now that he's worried about being seen taking a walk with someone else. He doesn't see a way that Tasha can benefit him so he chooses not to go meet her. Tasha tells us that LJ stood her up and she can't understand why he wouldn't grab Jefra and join her, Spencer and Jeremiah and vote Tony out. That's all well and good, until LJ and Jefra are two people in a five person alliance. Um, yeah...what is it you're offering again?

Whoa, it's Tree Mail time already? The clue is very cryptic. It's talking about colors and purple, red, black and blue. Tony tells us that he and LJ are the main players and that it might be time to take LJ out. And here it is, Probst sighting!! Today's immunity challenge will center on the memory. He is going to show them a series of colored tiles. They simply have to repeat them back to him. Nutshell, they're playing a giant game of Simon, for a chance at $1,000,000.


The first round is only four colors. On the second color, Trish is the first person out. On the third color, Woo drops out of the challenge. Seriously?? Everyone else makes it through the first round. Round Two is seven colors. Wow, that's a bit harder. On the sixth color, people are starting to forget. Jeremiah, Jefra, Kass and Spencer all drop out. That leaves Tasha, Tony and LJ still in the challenge. Tony drops out on the sth color. LJ and Tasha have different colors and Tasha...WINS immunity!! Aw man...I bailed on my St. Louis girl in my Power Rankings. She even called me out on it. And there is it, she stays in the game with a huge immunity win!!! I can't believe I didn't have the faith.

We come back from break to play, I guess, "it's anyone but Jeremiah." I mean, he's the third in the alliance so it stands to reason they'd just swing their votes over to him. Tasha tells us that she really needed the necklace to stay in the game. She knows she was in trouble. LJ suggests to the alliance that they should split the vote to try to avoid an idol. The plan they hatch is for the girls to vote for Jeremiah and the guys vote for Spencer. Tony tells us that he doesn't like this plan and that he really wants to strike at LJ right now. So, he goes to Woo and tells him that LJ was planning to take Woo out. That's all it takes to get Woo thinking that LJ might be the vote tonight.

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