Survivor: Cagayan - Episode 8

Bag of Tricks

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

April 17, 2014

I thought I was doing fairly well. What happened?

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Jeff asks LJ about Tasha's comments and he says that they're just searching for any crack in the alliance they can find. Jeff asks him if he was approached by any of the minority alliance. He says that he was approached, but he took a step back and there was no need to try to look for another group when his group is so strong. He feels that he is pretty well honed in on what everyone else is thinking and their loyalty. Jeff asks Tony what he does and if loyalty plays a part in his line of work. He claims to be in construction, which makes Sarah go "whaaaaaa?" He says loyalty is very important in his line of work, but it's even more important on Survivor.

Kass says that loyalty has no place out here; she left that at home. She admits that it's hard to reconcile that, but you have to if you want to make the end. He asks Woo if there are threats in his alliance. Woo says that their six is strong and the plan is to take out the bottom three and then worry about the six. Jeff asks Spencer if he knows who is on the bottom of the alliance of six, and Spencer replies that he doesn’t know. He suggests that someone is and maybe that person needs to think about doing something to get off the bottom. Trish suggests that their little family is getting ready to get crazy and that it could actually happen tonight even though she's unaware of anything. She says that's what makes her stomach twist at every Tribal.

And with that, it's time to vote! The only vote we see is Spencer's vote for LJ saying, "Fingers crossed." Jeff is gonna go tally the votes. Jeff asks for an idol and Spencer decides to take his chances. First three votes: LJ. Next three votes: Jeremiah. Spencer. LJ and LJ. Whoa!!! He's been atop my power rankings since the beginning. In fact, he was #1 on my list and Tasha was my #9. I don't think there's ever been a Power Ranking THAT bad!


When all was said and done, Woo and Tony flipped and sent the biggest power player home! Rarely does Survivor shock me anymore. After scrutinizing every move in every episode for so many years, there's just not much left that will shock me. Tonight shocked me! There were no idols being played and no trickery of any kind. The exact vote I thought had absolutely no chance of happening...happened. Well done, Tony. Well done, Woo. Well done, Spencer. And mostly well done, Tasha! I shall never doubt again!

Next time on Survivor: Tony does some stuff, and tells some lies. But the important part of the preview is Woo trying to pull an Ozzy and scale a tree for coconuts. Just as they cut away, we see Woo fall from a good 15 feet up or so. Nooooooooooooo! Woo can't leave the game with an injury. It just can't happen! So, thanks again to everyone for reading this recap and the Power Rankings. If you want to rub it in my face...the place to do it is on Twitter: @vannestjc! Look for the new Power Rankings early next week. Without LJ as my #1, I don't know what I'm gonna do. Maybe it's time for some #spyshack at the top! ‘Til then, my friends, take care!

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