Survivor: Cagayan - Episode 8

Bag of Tricks

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

April 17, 2014

I thought I was doing fairly well. What happened?

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Next up on Tony's tour is Spencer. He tells Spencer that LJ is plotting to take Woo out and that's not good. He wants Spencer to get Jeremiah and Tasha on board with voting out LJ. He actually sells this thing to Spencer very well. He even tells him, "I'm in trouble for stirring things up." He tells Spencer that the rest of the day is shaping up to be a cluster, but LJ has to be the vote. Spencer tells us that he's thrilled to have the potential here, but he's still leery. He's worried this could be a trick to get him to not play his idol. He's hoping to just make it a couple more votes to see if the game can turn around for him. He compares it to Christmas morning...and this Christmas, he has a big ole present instead of the coal and ash he expected.

So now Spencer's off to gather his troops. He starts with Jeremiah. Spencer and Jeremiah are a solid pair and they are both down with voting LJ. The idea is to let the alliance rip itself apart. Trish approaches Tony about what LJ said...about him being worried about Woo. Tony flips it on LJ, telling Trish that LJ is the one plotting to take out Woo. He tries to convince her that LJ is worried that he, Trish and Woo outnumber LJ and Jefra and he thinks LJ is trying to get the upper hand. Trish tells us that she doesn't agree with this plan. She doesn't exactly know who to trust about the Woo vote, but she is very reluctant to vote against the six. She tells Tony the same thing - that they should stick with the six and then deal with LJ. She goes back to camp and tells Kass that Tony is out there, but she told him to chill out and she thinks everything is good.


As they head to Tribal, Spencer and Jeremiah aren't feeling strong about Tony's play, but don't seem to have anything else to go with. Tony tells us that he has the LJ vote in play, but he's worried about the fact that Trish wasn't really on board with it. He tells us that in Survivor you need to "know when to kiss ass and when to kick ass." He's worried that he might have to kiss ass tonight, in order to keep his closest ally with him. As I'm typing this, it dawns on me that with the alliance splitting their vote, if Tony flips and votes LJ...that's all he'll need to take LJ out. There will be four votes LJ, three votes Jeremiah and two votes Spencer. If he sticks with the plan, we'll be looking at a three-way tie. I love Tribal Councils where I honestly don't know who's going home!!

Jeff starts Tribal by asking Jeremiah if he, Tasha and Spencer are still in trouble. Jeremiah says that the six is strong and he and Spencer are worried. Kass suggests that you can't play this game without being dirty. Tony says that when you play this game, you plan on getting deceived and getting stabbed in the back. That's why he brought his bag of tricks, with something that makes him feel much more confident tonight. Now, last time he had an idol, he showed it off to everyone. Tonight, he's going to keep it hidden? Bad play, dude. No one will fall for that. Tasha suggests that the air quotes "alliance" isn't as tight as it seems but she's glad to have the necklace on tonight.

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