Survivor: Cagayan - Episode 4

Odd One Out

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

March 20, 2014

He's going to totally dominate at Survivor pick-up basketball games, though.

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Hello, good people, and welcome to Tribal Switch Day!!! That's right; it's already time for the Brains, Brawn and Beauty to intermingle which means one thing: I'm going to have to learn actual tribe names now! But before we get to that...

Previously on Survivor, reward challenges are back; to settle the whole chicken vs. egg argument-you need only look at dinosaurs; Cops R Us wants to throw a challenge; and J'Tia costs the Brains two more victories leading up to her ouster. What should be mentioned here is that Spencer was boss in the immunity challenge, Jeremiah may be falling out of favor with his Beauty alliance and Tony wants to sprint through this marathon. I see all three of those as story lines to keep your eyeballs on for the next few weeks.

All the previews are focused on those three most awesome of words, "Drop your buffs." The tribal shakeup is this week and everything we know about this season could be turned upside down based on how the split works out. We have solid core alliances in both Beauty and Brawn and either one could be destroyed by a bad outcome. We have three Brains that claim to be all for one and stuff, but that likely will become free agents once this split is finished. One thing's for sure, our good friend, J'Tia, is out in the Twitter-verse promising that we "ain't seen nothing yet" and that there is stuff happening this season that will make her little rice dump seem like nothing. Assuming she's not hyperbolizing (Is that a word? One of the Brains should let me know), that can only mean good things for the rest of this season!

We begin with the Brains after Tribal. Spencer is so relieved to still be in the game. He thought he was done. Kass tells him that she knows if they kept J'Tia they would have been back there in three days. She wants to win and Spencer gives her the best shot. The next morning Tasha shows up with Tree Mail that suggests a food challenge. Tasha says her decision will be tested in today's challenge and she wants to do some serious damage. And with that...


Probst sighting!! He wastes no time. "All right everybody, drop your buffs. Brains, Brawn and Beauty is no more." We get some reaction shots, then the theme song. Now THAT'S how you start an episode!

Jeff explains they will form two new tribes. Sarah is bummed that her alliances and trust will have to start all over. Each person draws a random covered buff and we see how it shakes out.

The new Aparri Tribe is: Spencer, Kass, Tasha (yep...all the Brains stayed together and are now orange), Sarah, Morgan, Jeremiah and Alexis. The new Solana tribe is: Woo, Cliff, LJ, Jefra, Trish, Lindsay and Tony and they'll be purple.

Looking at the new tribes and it's a staggering turn of events. Sarah finds herself alone on her new tribe, while Brains and Beauty make up the other three spots. But the Beauty members are not aligned. What that means is that the Brains actually will have the upper hand on this tribe. If they were to bring in Sarah or maybe Morgan...they could dominate their new tribe. I don't see how the split could have worked out any better for them. Of course, given their history, I'd expect it to get messed up at the first challenge.

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