Survivor: Cagayan - Episode 4

Odd One Out

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

March 20, 2014

He's going to totally dominate at Survivor pick-up basketball games, though.

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Back over at Solana, Jefra and Trish are bonding over the crappy weather. Jefra tells us that she's totally screwed on her new tribe without the numbers. Trish, however, gives her a bit of news (not sure if it's good or not) that she and Lindsay do not get along. She essentially lets Jefra know that she's out there, but let's count: Jefra, Trish, LJ - that's three. Nope, still screwed. Cliff walks up on them as they talk. I'm not sure he heard what they were talking about, but seeing them off together, even though they were actually getting water and being useful and stuff, he definitely looks concerned.

And we come back from break to another Probst sighting! Today's immunity challenge will have each tribe using a large log to bust through a couple walls and then through a table maze. Once they're through the maze, they need to bang a gong. First tribe to hit the gong wins. This is a six on six challenge. Trish will sit out for Solana and after a fierce rock-paper-scissors battle, Morgan will sit out for Aparri. Survivors ready!

Again, the strength of the purple tribe is dominating here. The log is so heavy and the orange tribe is having a rough time swinging it. Purple gets through the first wall easily and are halfway through the second wall when Aparri finally gets through their wall. Spencer and Jeremiah change to the front of the log and all of a sudden, the tribes are even in this challenge. Both tribes are on the maze now. Each log has grooves on its surface and they need to maneuver these grooves through the maze. You would think the Brains tribe should be able to dominate this, yes? As it is, they're neck and neck at the end of the maze. And there you have it, the Brains get through and Aparri wins immunity! The screams and happiness from the former Brains members are as you would expect. As they head back to camp, Tony is pissed that they lost this challenge, but LJ is a threat and needs to go home now.


We come back from break and it's time to play, "It's anyone but LJ!" Everyone is quite dejected over here as they're not used to losing. None of them even thought about potentially losing the challenge. LJ tells us that he knows they'll be targeting him. He makes a plea to some of the Brawn members and asks them to consider keeping him. Cliff tells us that they could keep LJ for challenges, but he's worried about the bond between him and Trish. Woo and Cliff make the case for LJ to go. They feel his strength is not needed on their tribe and it would be best for them all to get LJ out ASAP. Woo tells Lindsay not to worry about Trish.

And then we join Trish and LJ talking strategy. She tells LJ that she and Tony have been working to get rid of Cliff and that if he and Jefra will come with them, they have the numbers. LJ doesn't understand why, with her numbers advantage, she would make a move at all, but he's open to it. Trish tells us that she's ready for Cliff to go and that Cliff has no idea it's coming. Lindsay is worried that Trish will flip, bit Woo tries to convince her that it's all good. Next up is Trish trying to lock up Tony's vote for Cliff. Tony tells us that she's nuts and this is not the time. LJ is the one that has to go. He tells Trish this same thing. He tells her to work the numbers and vote LJ. Tony doesn't trust Cliff but he'd rather go with Cliff than LJ. Next up, Tony talks to Cliff and Cliff tries to bang it into Tony's head that with or without Trish, they have the votes to dump LJ. LJ tells us that he's going to use Tribal to try to judge what Trish and Tony are going to do. And if he gets bad signs, he'll play his idol. Because of LJ's idol, Uncle Cliff could be in trouble, even though he has the numbers.

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