Survivor: Cagayan - Episode 4

Odd One Out

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

March 20, 2014

He's going to totally dominate at Survivor pick-up basketball games, though.

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The Solana tribe is REALLY interesting. If there are two power alliances in this game, they just ended up on the same tribe. And too bad for LJ and Jefra...their power alliance is outnumbered by five Brawn members. However, two of those Brawn members tried to throw a challenge last week. If LJ can get wind that Trish and Tony are up for grabs...he can take over the Solana tribe and work on getting rid of the other power trio of Cliff, Woo and Lindsay. For them, though, it doesn't look like they'll be losing many challenges, which gives Cliff and Woo time to work some magic on LJ and Jefra and perhaps join their two factions and take ultimate control of the game and this season. I should probably also mention that both in-play hidden idols are sitting in this tribe right now. What else could I ask for, right? I'm totally stoked at the way the tribes have been divided up!!

Sarah says she is feeling pretty alone over there, while Tasha can't stop smiling with how things worked out for her. Jefra says that they are down in numbers but Brawn is so strong that they should win and maybe she and LJ can find a crack. Cliff admits that there are decisions to be made here about whether to stick with old alliances or start to form new ones.

Oh yeah, and we still have a challenge to play here. This is one of my favorites. One person will wrap themselves around a pole and two people from the other tribe will try to rip them off the pole and drag them to the finish line. First tribe to get the other person across the line wins a point. First to two points wins reward. And today's reward is breakfast. Donuts, cinnamon rolls, coffee, brownies, danishes and all the fixings.


First matchup is Morgan and Sarah trying to pull Lindsay off the pole while Trish and Jefra are trying to move Tasha. Sarah and Morgan get Lindsay off the pole first, while Tasha ain't going anywhere! Lindsay is one bad-ass bitch, but Sarah is even more so. This is a real battle, while Tasha is still attached to the pole. Sarah's tenacity pays off and they finally pull Lindsay across the line and Aparri gets the first point.

Next round, Spencer and Jeremiah will be pulling Cliff off the post, while LJ and Trish will need to get Alexis off the pole. About 30 seconds in, LJ has Alexis off the post and they score their first point. Final round: Spencer and Jeremiah go after Cliff again, while Tony and Lindsay go after Sarah. Cliff is simply too big to move, while Sarah puts up an amazing fight against the much stronger Tony, but ultimately, he's just too much bigger and stronger than her. Solana wins reward. And in a strength challenge, why wouldn't they? They have LJ, Cliff, Woo and Tony while Aparri has Spencer and Jeremiah. The total strength of one team is just far superior to the other. Spencer tells us that he’s happy to go from the moms to the hot chicks, but the losing is getting to be too much to take.

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