Survivor: Cagayan - Episode 4

Odd One Out

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

March 20, 2014

He's going to totally dominate at Survivor pick-up basketball games, though.

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Jeff starts off asking LJ what it was like to come back to his own camp, but to be down in the numbers. He says that he and Jefra are pretty much feeling like they'll be asked to leave whenever the Brawn folks are ready to send them home. Cliff says that despite the numbers, there is always one person that doesn't feel comfortable with their place in those numbers. He says that they have to get over the emotions and realize that this is a numbers game and they need to play it that way. Jeff suggests to Woo that is sounds like Cliff is not trusting all of their numbers. Woo echoes what his BFF Cliff says. He wants everyone to stick with the plan. Trish is asked if this is a test of loyalty. She says that it is, but the numbers don't work out for everyone involved in those numbers. Jefra then suggests that someone is the bottom person of the five and it might be wise for them to make a move.

Probst moves on to Lindsay and asks her whether she’s worried that LJ and Jefra have nothing to lose. Lindsay wants them all to stick together. She says they need to stick together if they want to not only outlast this tribe, but also to beat the other tribe. Tony says that tonight's Tribal could change the game. Will they move forward with their team or take a step back and move forward with another team?

And with that, it's time to vote. We see Woo's vote for LJ and he says that he's sorry about the vote, but they can't have him making it to the merge and reconnecting with Beauty. We also see Jefra's vote for Cliff telling him he can't control the game forever. We don't see Tony's vote, just get his comment, "Nothing personal, just strategical (Brains - is THIS a word?)" Jeff goes to tally the votes and asks if anyone has a hidden immunity idol and would like to play it. Drumroll...LJ decides to hold his idol. Ermehgerd! Really??? You could guarantee you stay in the game and win this battle. Worry about the war later, have to start by winning a battle. It may work out for him in the end, but to me, this is a huge blunder for LJ.


Jeff starts reading the votes: LJ, Cliff, LJ, Cliff, LJ, Cliff. We're tied. Three votes Cliff, three votes LJ, One vote left. Fifth person voted out of Survivor: Cagayan - Cliff! Holy crap! Tony made the move. Honestly, I didn't think he had it in him to make. The smart money was keeping Brawn strong for at least one more vote. And he went against it. I'm not sure I like the decision here. I think I stick with the numbers for at least the first vote and then look to make waves within my own group a little later.

Ultimately, we'll see whether this ends up being a good move for Tony or not. For Trish, it was the only move. But Tony had options. Wow, great episode and I hate to see Cliff go, especially if it means we have to keep Trish's laugh and Tony's arrogance in the game...but it certainly shakes up the game. Wait 'til the other tribe sees who got voted out at the last Tribal Council. They'll be stoked!

Next time on Survivor: the Trish-Lindsay feud has been building and building. Looks like it finally blows next week. After Lindsay tells Trish she makes her sick, Trish counters with "I don't like you." Lindsay says that she cannot stand Trish and the way she bullies. And then we get a quick shot of Probst sitting down at camp with Lindsay saying, "What's going on?" Please, oh please...don't quit! Aren't we done with quitters yet? And seriously, because you don't like someone...that is not a reason to quit. I can't imagine there's any reason why Probst would be at camp in the middle of the night unless someone is planning a quit. Seriously, I'll be SO pissed if Lindsay quits. Stay in the game and vote her ass out. That's how you win. But I'll save the rant in case she actually does quit. Maybe she won't and I'll be able to save it. I guess we'll find out next week. Until then, take care!

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