Survivor: Cagayan - Episode 3

Our Time To Shine

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

March 13, 2014

The crazy definitely cancels out the pretty.

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Good evening, Survivor fans, and welcome back to another edition of the BOP Survivor: Cagayan recaps. When last we met, the Brains finally got off the schneid by not losing a challenge. That honor went to LJ and the Beauty tribe. Despite completely blowing the maze portion of the immunity challenge, LJ was feeling pretty secure with his hidden immunity idol and four-person majority alliance. After an unprecedented three-way tie at Tribal Council, the Beauty Tribe's resident strategist, Brice, seemed to forget his strategy and was sent home unanimously on the revote.

Besides that, Cops R Us #copsrus was created when Tony struck a blue-blooded alliance with Sarah. He cemented the alliance by waiting about 20 seconds before his first lie to his closest ally. What could go wrong? At the Brains tribe, Spencer got the reprieve this week and hopes he can remind Tasha and Kass that J'Tia THREW AWAY THEIR FOOD! Maybe they'll keep him around the next time they lose a challenge. And let's face it. Last week was an aberration. They'll get back to their losing ways this week, you'd think.

The previews suggest that the Brawn tribe might be considering throwing a challenge, which pretty much means, there's no way Brawn will throw a challenge. Also, word around the campfire is that we get back to a two-challenge episode. That's right; we'll play for Reward and then later play for Immunity. That should be awesome. Brains can potentially lose twice tonight!


We begin tonight's show as the Beauty tribe comes back to camp. Morgan tells us that she's frustrated and Jeremiah is a coward. She knows she's an island out there. In front of everyone, she asks Jeremiah what changed his mind. He says that he had an alliance with LJ, Alexis and Jefra. He went with the numbers and Brice was a dangerous social player. After Jeremiah leaves, Morgan talks to Alexis and apologizes for voting for her. She explains that Jeremiah came to her wanting to get rid of LJ, but feeling like they needed his strength in challenges. So he suggested Alexis as the vote. Morgan tells her this as if it's just them, but knowing full well that both Jefra and LJ can hear the conversation. Seriously, the "dumb girl" who seemed like she might play the game with her boobs seems to be the only one with any brains on this tribe. The way she handled this conversation was quite good. Alexis tells us that she's not sure if Morgan is straight, but it sounds very realistic. She tells us that Jeremiah has a big target on his back right now.

After the credits, we join the Brains tribe reading Tree Mail. The clue suggests a blindfold challenge for food. J'Tia feels this is an important challenge for the Brains tribe and her specifically. She wants to do everything she can to win some food since she's the reason they don't have any. And with that...

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