Survivor: Cagayan - Episode 3

Our Time To Shine

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

March 13, 2014

The crazy definitely cancels out the pretty.

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Probst sighting! Today's challenge will have one person as the caller while everyone else is blindfolded. The caller will lead the rest to grab five items. Once all 5 items have been retrieved and handed up to the caller, one final team of two will go out to get the tribe flag. First tribe back with their flag wins reward. Wanna know what they're playing for? Three egg-laying chickens and a rooster. Second place gets a dozen eggs. Third're fired. Oh, wait a minute, got carried away. Third place gets nothing. Brawn will sit out Hang Dai Woo and Sarah. Beauty is sitting out Morgan. And they're off...

Tasha, Alexis and Cliff are the callers. Right off the bat, Brains has their first item followed by Beauty. Brains has an issue trying to hoist the item up to Tasha, allowing Beauty to get ahead of them. Cliff has taken the strategy of sending his group out to the hardest to reach item. We'll have to see if that pays off. Brains gets their first item up, Beauty gets number two and Brawn gets their first. In the meantime, LJ rams Little LJ into a post and Lindsay takes one in the stomach. Brains now has their second item and Lil Spencer takes a hard shot on the way back with number three. Brawn has their second item and Beauty has their third. Brains and Beauty are neck and neck with item number four. Brawn still has three. Beauty and Brains both head back with item five while Tony grabs the fourth one for Brawn. Beauty is back first but only slightly over Brains. Brains drops their item and Beauty takes the lead and heads out for the flag. Brains gets their fifth item up and they're on the course for the flag.


LJ runs smack into the flag and they head back to win the challenge! Spencer and Kass finally find their flag, while Brawn gets the fifth item up to Cliff. Brawn finds their flag as the Brains tribe members try to get their flag to Tasha to claim second place. J'Tia causes the flag to drop and Brawn gets back in the challenge. J'Tia can't straighten out the flag on the little platform while Brawn heads back with their flag. Lindsay takes a hard shot on the way back, but J'Tia is self-destructing as we speak. Brawn gets their flag on the platform and up to Cliff and for the third episode out of four, J'Tia is a challenge black hole and sucks the victory away from the Brains tribe.

We come back from break to see the victors enjoy their spoils. As Jeremiah opens the chicken feed bag, he finds a clue for the immunity idol. The idol that, of course, LJ has. So he reads the clue out to everyone. LJ says that the clue is so specific that anyone would be able to find the idol. The next scene is one of the most ridiculous conversations I've ever heard. In a nutshell, the tribe tries to figure out how the chickens get the eggs to lay. I'm not sure what was worse, Alexis asking if chickens are asexual, or LJ settling the whole chicken/egg argument using dinosaurs as his litmus test. Next up, Jeremiah "takes care" of one of the chickens and the Beauty tribe enjoys some much needed protein. Morgan tells us that Jeremiah may have killed the chicken, but he's still not very smart OR beautiful. She doesn't know why he's on the Beauty tribe.

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