Survivor: Cagayan - Episode 3

Our Time To Shine

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

March 13, 2014

The crazy definitely cancels out the pretty.

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Over at Brawn, Lindsay and Cliff are discussing how the tribe needs to stick together. Sarah tells us again that Cliff and Lindsay want her out, based on Tony's lie. She decides she wants Cliff out. She goes to Cliff’s #1 fan, Woo, and tells him her plan. She says that Cliff doesn't need the money and he'd be a good person to get out. Surprising to me, he is down with that move. He tells us that he looks up to Cliff, but he'd prefer that someone else win the million. Tony comes up in the middle of the conversation and gets worried about what she's talking to Woo for. Sarah tells Tony that Woo is with them to vote out Cliff. Tony says he has Trish with them, so they have the numbers to dump Cliff. Sarah convinces him that Woo is legit and makes him swear on his badge that he won't turn on her, which he does. Tony then tells us that he doesn't care about any promises. He's there to lie, cheat and steal to win this game. Um, Tony, Russell Hantz called. He wants his game back. He also said to tell you that you can't win that way. Kthxbye!

Brawn comes back with Tree Mail that seems to suggest some sort of basketball-ish challenge. Naturally, Brawn is expecting Cliff to dominate this one. And here we go, Sarah starts talking about throwing the challenge. She swears she would never do that and yet, here she is, suggesting it to Trish. Next up is Woo and he balks at this idea. They have the numbers and he doesn't want to ruin that. Also, he's pretty star struck at the thought of shooting baskets with Cliff Robinson. So, will they throw it or won't they? Time to find out...


Probst sighting! Today's challenge sees the tribes out on a platform in the ocean and they have to dive down into the water to release five buoys. Once all buoys are released, they have to shoot the buoys into a Survivor basket. First one to sink all five shots wins immunity. Tony and Lindsay will sit out for Brawn while Alexis sits for Beauty. As the challenge unfolds, J'Tia dives in first for Brains and SHOCKER! The challenge black hole wastes several minutes and comes back with NO buoy! Meanwhile, Beauty and Brawn are bringing back buoys, until Sarah dives down and takes a looooooong time to come up with a buoy. Trish goes next and does the same thing, except she goes so far as to not come back with a buoy. Meanwhile, Kass can't get a buoy either, so Brains is making it REAL hard to throw this challenge. Oh yeah, and Beauty has all five buoys now.

Tasha fails to get a buoy. Cliff comes up with #3 for Brawn while Spencer gets #3 for Brains. He dives right back in, rather than watch the rest of his team not get anything. Spencer brings back #4 and goes back out again! Woo comes back with #4 for Brawn while Spencer comes back with #5. Oh yeah...and Beauty wins the challenge. Woo dives 15 feet down to get buoy #5. Spencer misses a shot and Black Hole can't get the buoy back to him to shoot again. And Woo gets #5 while Spencer sinks #1 and #2. Cliff is shooting for Brawn. #1. Black Hole loses another ball. Cliff sinks #2 and #3 and #4. Spencer sinks #3 while Cliff misses twice in a row. Spencer goes in and out while Cliff sinks #5 sending Brains back to Tribal.

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