Survivor: Cagayan - Episode 3

Our Time To Shine

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

March 13, 2014

The crazy definitely cancels out the pretty.

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Okay, this was another textbook Brains meltdown at a challenge. J'Tia is just awful. But, it needs to be mentioned that Spencer just turned in the best challenge performance of the season (maybe of the last several seasons). He dove down 9, then 12, then 15 feet to grab the final three buoys for the Brains tribe, without a break in between. He then came back and had them within an eyelash of coming in second in this challenge. Sure, Brawn was trying to throw it, but that shouldn't take away from the amazing individual effort Spencer put into this challenge when it became obvious that the rest of his tribe was useless. Also, Sarah tells us how hard they tried to throw this challenge and they couldn't throw under Brains. If it's anything but 3-1 sending J'Tia home, the Brains tribe will deserve every horrible thing that happens to them for the rest of their lives.

We join Brains as they come back to camp and Spencer is really bummed to have lost. He is pissed that he did great in this challenge and the rest of his team sucked and killed it for him. And even worse than that, the girls have the numbers and he's screwed. He tells Kass that the best thing for this tribe is to keep him as J'Tia is killing the tribe. We join Kass and Tasha talking about getting rid of J'Tia as keeping her will lead to them getting picked off one by one. They also decide not to tell Spencer they're keeping him, because they want J'Tia to feel safe. Even though Tasha and Kass tell her they're three strong, J'Tia is feeling a little nervous. As they talk, they discuss the possibility of tribes being intermingled and now Tasha is thinking that maybe it's best to have J'Tia's loyalty. So Tasha and Kass have another conversation where Tasha wants to keep J'Tia for her loyalty. Kass tells us that either way is a gamble, because she doesn't know what happens tomorrow. J'Tia will continue to kill the tribe, but they think Spencer will flip on them if there's a swap or a merge.

They arrive at Tribal and Jeff doesn't know what to do except throw his hands in the air. He starts with J'Tia and asks her how responsible she is to the loss today. She says she was weak in today's challenge but she's pretty strong otherwise. Tasha admits that J'Tia has been terrible in challenges and that they have had to find places for her to fit into a challenge. Jeff confirms that the way they're going, no one will last very long. Jeff then asks Kass about J'Tia tossing the rice. Kass makes a bullshit excuse that J'Tia's just a hothead and not disloyal. Spencer says that unpredictability is almost as bad as disloyalty. As J'Tia and Spencer are going back and forth, Kass and Tasha are trying to decide what to do. Spencer and J'Tia both notice the conversation and are a little put off by it. Spencer says that it's devastating that he hasn't gotten to really play the game with this tribe. Tasha isn't even listening to him and Jeff points that out. Spencer makes a final plea to be kept as he's better in the challenges and will be just as loyal. And with that, it's time to vote.


We see Spencer's vote for J'Tia and J'Tia's vote for Spencer and Jeff will tally the votes. First vote: J'Tia. Second vote: Spencer. Third vote and fourth vote: J'Tia, WOO HOO!!!! And here we are on day 12 and Brains makes their first correct decision. As Jeff starts to speak, Spencer tells Tasha that he'll prove this was the right decision and that he's with them all the way. And seriously, wasn't this the only possible vote? We've had five challenges and J'Tia has singlehandedly lost three of them and had a huge impact in losing a fourth. With her on your tribe, you will not win. Period. Good on ya, Brains. I just fear that it's too little, too late.

Next time on Survivor: the Brains tribe is nearly extinct, but could Jeff come to the rescue? "Drop your buffs. Brains, Beauty and Brawn are no more." And with those few words, the game will take a huge turn. You have to think they'll blend the tribes together to make two new tribes. And when that happens, you have no idea how they'll be split up. I mean, it's conceivable that with two tribes of seven, a split could be three Brains, two Brawn and two Beauty and all of a sudden, there's a Brains number advantage. Not likely, sure. But possible. Can't wait to see how this one shakes out. As always, if you have any comments or you're a huge J'Tia fan, be sure to follow me and Tweet me @vannestjc. Until next week, take care.

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