The Amazing Race 24: All Stars - Episode 3

By Kim Hollis & David Mumpower

March 10, 2014

Winning teams get to fist bump instead.

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Back over at the Jungle Run challenge, Flight Time & Big Easy have completed the task, which means that they take a moment to do a celebratory dance with some villagers. Jen & Caroline are not terribly far behind.

It feels like this episode has been going on forever, but Jessica & John and Brendon & Rachel arrive at the rafting building area and go to work at putting together their watercraft. Brendon & Rachel’s looks good, but for some reason John has decided that they need to put the wood in some notches, leading to a really “janky” looking raft, as Jessica calls it. John wants to test its seaworthiness, but since it’s basically just a bunch of unconnected sticks at this point, we have no idea why. Even Rachel can tell that there’s something seriously wrong with their boat.

Over at the Pit Stop, Margie & Luke have checked in as Team #4.

Oddly enough, Jessica & John’s boat is fine. They are getting through the river with little issue. It’s not so good for Rachel & Brendon, which means that we’re about to see our first Rachel meltdown of the season. Their boat is falling apart and she’s crying.

Team YouTube is confident about the raft challenge because both of their parents are carpenters. We highly doubt if this means they can catch up to Team Big Brother, but surely the editors will do all they can to convince us otherwise.


Flight Time & Big Easy and the country singers are next in at the Pit Stop, while John & Jessica breeze through the Jungle Run challenge with little difficulty other than John’s ineptitude at the task. They have enough of a lead over the other two teams that it’s not a problem, though.

Team YouTube looks like they could have trouble at the rapids, but power through. Remember how we said the editors would do all they could to convince us that Brendon & Rachel might finish in last? Well, they hit the crazy part of the rapids and lose some pieces of the raft. Rachel tries to convince him to just give it up, but he refuses, finding some new pieces of stick and some vine to tie the boat back together. Impressively enough, Rachel takes it all in stride and although they have one more rough spot, they make it through and start the Jungle Run challenge, which John & Jessica finished just a little while before.

There’s more faux drama as Rachel worries that Team YouTube might just be doing the other task, which is why they haven’t seen them. After Rachel misses several birds with her blowgun, they run to the end expecting to be told that they are the last team to arrive, but Team YouTube’s screw up with the taxis was always too much to overcome. There’s the requisite brightsiding of how much they’ve enjoyed the adventure, which we hope means that this leg might be a real elimination…

…And it is! We shocked the world, baby! Now that we’ve had two seasons in a row where we did not recap non-eliminations, we feel confident in saying that the streak is over. We’re no longer Non-Elimination Kim & David. Sorry that it had to be at your expense, Joey & Meghan, but let’s be fair. You were just happy to be there. The taxi mistake is representative of the kind of stuff that set them back in the race in previous legs, and it was frankly just a matter of time until they were sent home. They were too scatterbrained and not detail-oriented enough to be competitors in this sort of competition at this stage in their lives.

Next week, Daron returns for the recap, where the preview shows us that Jessica may be dealing with injury, while Luke appears to be reverting to his past self-destructive, pouty behavior.

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