The Amazing Race 24: All Stars - Episode 3

By Kim Hollis & David Mumpower

March 10, 2014

Winning teams get to fist bump instead.

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Jennifer & Caroline have their own problems with the rapids as their raft gets lodged in some rocks. When they try to move it, one of the blondes (sorry, we can’t tell them apart) has her finger get stuck and she squeaks as the other one keeps on squishing it. Eventually, she’s able to get her hand free and says that her finger almost got cut off.

The Globetrotters hit the rough patch as well and appear to get caught in the same spot as the Afghanimals, but they ride it out a little bit better.

Back at the back of pack, they’re all arriving at essentially the same time, but there is one noteworthy item: Team YouTube allows their cab to leave. Daron put them at the bottom of his power rankings for a reason, folks.

Finally, Dave & Connor have delivered their supplies and are headed back to where they dropped off their raft. We do wonder if it might not have been easier to just do the other task. The country singers get to the Jungle Run task and they’re working with a tiny warrior girl who seems like a real badass. Jen hits her first target easily, and Flight Time gets his as well.

Back at the place where they docked their boat, Dave & Connor have gotten back, amazingly before either Jet & Cord or the Afghanimals, who may just be looking for a rescue boat at this point. The father/son team gets a clue directing them to the Pit Stop at Tanjun Aru Water Village, which looks like a lovely little area.

Jet & Cord are next to the Pit Stop clue, followed by Leo & Jamal, who groan when they realize that they have to pole down the river some more.


Back at the waterfall, the two couples are through pretty easily, though Rachel chooses to do it in her underwear, leading to a comical bit of blurring from the camera. Team YouTube finishes not long after, but soon realize their mistake of letting the taxi go. They’re not able to get a taxi where they are, and instead have to walk and seek one out.

Margie & Luke hit the rapids hard and their boat comes apart. They actually use Margie’s shirt to tie it back together.

The show’s producers try to create some faux drama about who will be first (since it’s looking pretty clear who will be last), but Dave & Connor have overcome their error to take that top spot. They are shocked and thrilled, and a formidable team as long as no terrible health misfortunes strike them. They are awarded a vacation in Budapest. Since the last time they finished first Dave was on crutches, this is a thrilling moment for the guys.

The cowboys are in second place, followed by the Afghanimals. Both teams are all smiles.

Joey & Meghan are still wandering around in the hope that they might find a taxi somehow. Eventually they land at the home of a kind villager who calls a taxi for them. If any team loses to them, they should feel really bad about themselves.

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