The Amazing Race 24: All Stars - Episode 3

By Kim Hollis & David Mumpower

March 10, 2014

Winning teams get to fist bump instead.

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Dave & Connor and the Afghanimals arrive first at the Waterfall, and the Road Block asks them “Who will take the fall?” One of them will have to rappel the cascading waters to the bottom. Papa Dave takes the task for Team Murphy’s Law, while Jamal grabs a Travelocity gnome for the trip to the bottom. Dave finishes the task quickly and appears to have a solid lead ahead of all other teams except Jamal & Leo, which is pretty impressive given that they had no real advantage at the airport other than sprinting out and finding a taxi. Oh, and by the way, the last time Dave & Connor were racing, Dave was in a wheelchair by this time.

The next clue sends them to Kampung Tominhaton, where they will follow a river whose name we are unable to spell. Just as Jamal finishes the task, Jet & Cord arrive and Cord takes the task. He goes down too far and misses the clue, so they have to do it again. That means that Margie & Luke, who showed up at practically the same time as the cowboys, will have a chance to pass them.

A comical moment ensues when Big Easy is stuck in their cab due to his size. Obviously, cars in Malaysia are not meant for guys who are 6’9” and 250 pounds. The anti-heightism continues when Big Easy isn’t allowed to take the Road Block task because of his size.

Luke gets through the task with ease, which allows him and his mother to pass Jet & Cord. Cord’s not far behind, though. Flight Time & Jennifer are right there with them.

The show takes a moment to remind us that there are three people who haven’t even left China yet, but they’re finally getting on their plane.


Dave & Connor arrive at the next location, where they must build a bamboo raft and ride the choppy rapids down to the Detour of their choice. We suggest that Flight Time just get on Big Easy’s back. That should totally count.

The Detour options are River Delivery or Jungle Run. River Delivery requires the teams to take goods to a village chieftain, and then continue riding the rapids. The Jungle Run involves a blowgun and fake birds as targets. Initially, the blowgun task seems faster and easier, but Dave & Connor choose River Delivery.

They’re putting their raft together when Jamal & Leo show up, followed by Margie & Luke. Dave & Connor take time to appreciate the beauty of the scenery and the people enjoying the water.

Jet & Cord are also now building their raft, so our first group of six is every bit as bunched as they had been during the last episode...until Margie & Luke’s raft falls apart as they are taking it to the water. Margie says it’s because “We don’t know how to tie knots.” We expect to see her on Survivor next season. Hopefully she doesn’t know how to make fire, either.

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