The Amazing Race 24: All Stars - Episode 3

By Kim Hollis & David Mumpower

March 10, 2014

Winning teams get to fist bump instead.

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Meanwhile, the cowboys must have paid a lot of attention in Boy Scouts, because their raft is beautiful. Margie & Luke eventually get into the water, but because they can’t really communicate, their craft is headed backwards.

The country singers are getting goofy music as their build their raft, so hilarity must be about to ensue. Of course, the Globetrotters actually have their own built-in theme music, and like the fun-loving guys they are, they dance with the locals when they arrive.

Dave & Connor pole past a sign that looks suspiciously like the one that should direct them to the village chieftain, but they don’t think it’s the right spot because they haven’t passed enough bridges yet. They keep going. Leo & Jamal are initially confused since they saw the father/son team pass the location by, but confident that they’re in the right spot, they disembark and take their supplies to the proper delivery spot.

Moments later, Jet & Cord nearly make the same mistake Dave & Connor did, but Jamal & Leo instruct them that they’re in the right place. You can tell that the Afghanimals consider lying to the cowboys for a fraction of a second, but they learned from their experience on the last edition of the Amazing Race that lying just to lie is not really a strategy, per se. Not wishing to be victims of any U-Turn, they say that they will be as helpful with other teams as they possibly can.


We go back to Dave & Connor, who have arrived at another sign, presumably the one for the Jungle Run. The waters are pretty rough at this point, and we wonder if they’ll just switch tasks, but at the same time worry whether there are people who actually need the supplies they were supposed to deliver. We just assume that the Amazing Race folks will provide, though of course we’re going to have to watch some commercials before we see how things play out for Team Murphy’s Law.

Instead of getting off and switching tasks, Dave & Connor decide to walk the supplies back to the correct location. Even with this big mistake, it seems highly unlikely that the teams back on the second plane would have any kind of real chance to catch up.

Right on cue, that group is finally deplaning. We’re impressed that Rachel is actually considering the amount of gas in the tanks of the taxis they consider.

Remember how we mentioned that the rapids get pretty rough? Well, Leo & Jamal are happily thinking about how easygoing this portion of the leg is when they suddenly hit that violent patch. Their raft is pushed over into some branches and rocks near the shore and it begins to come apart. It’s tough to get shipwrecked on a river, but here they are.

Meanwhile, Jet & Cord easily glide by. The Afghanimals were hopeful that they might combine their raft with the cowboys, but no such luck.

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