Survivor: Blood Vs. Water Finale Part 1

It's My Night

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analysis HOFer

December 15, 2013

Rockin' the tuxedo shirt.

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Hello, good people...hope you had a fantastic weekend! Ben Willoughby appears to have made it north, but he's in the process of drinking a lot of Molson and eating a pound of back bacon, eh? (I hear that's the initiation to Canada.) So, once again, you're stuck with me to lead you through the troubled waters of the Survivor: Blood vs. Water finale.

To catch you up, in case you've forgotten what happened a mere four days ago, Tyson, Gervase and Monica are besties and can't wait to Tweet their selfies from the final Tribal Council. But wait...Ciera concocted a plan to tell Monica that Tyson and Gervase have been passing notes about her in class. Hayden and Ciera did their best to drill this lie into Monica's head, but at the end of the day, Monica saw through the nonsense and did the smart thing...she stuck with her alliance and sent Hayden over to Redemption Island to be destroyed and embarrassed by the dominating Grandmas, Tina and Laura.

So, to get you ready for tonight's episode, here's the scorecard: there are four people left in the real game and three people left on Redemption Island. There will be one Redemption Island truel to determine that, SOMEone...will return to the real game. We'll then have two immunity challenges, two vote-offs, three Tribal Councils and one final vote where someone will be crowned "Sole Survivor". We'll also have a Reunion where the "not worthy of dating" pre-merge folks (save Rupert) will be ignored so we can see what Boston Rob and Rudy are up to now. Have I missed anything? No? Good...let's start the show!


Before we can begin, we get a full season recap. Let's see if I can do it faster. Blood vs Water. Loved Ones. Separate Tribes. Rupert's a hero. Candice owns Redemption Island. "F* you, Brad Culpepper!" Wahhhhhh, I have to quit. Laura dominates Redemption Island. Tribal switch. Laura gets back in the game and we merge! Aras...gone. Vytas...gone. Tina...gone. Laura...gone again, voted out by her daughter. Monica wins. Tyson finds an idol. Monica wins. Monica wins. White rock takes out Katie. Monica is bullied without mercy. Tyson finds another idol. Hayden gone...Ciera making big moves, Tyson is charge, Gervase pissing everyone off. Sound about right? Well, then let's get to the game!

We start right after Tribal as Ciera lets everyone know that it's all part of the game. She sorta apologizes to Monica, but ultimately, it doesn't matter. Ciera is just biding time for her mom to come back and see if they can take care of business. Tyson tells us he's sticking with his trio and that he might have to use the idol to keep Monica with him. So, he tells her that if he doesn't have to use it, she can have it and give it to her kids. He confirms that Monica will be the target for a flip and he very much has to keep her close. Meanwhile, Monica tells us that she has every intention of playing both sides, with a final three berth in it for her on either side.

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