Survivor: Blood Vs. Water Finale Part 1

It's My Night

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analysis HOFer

December 15, 2013

Rockin' the tuxedo shirt.

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We come back from the credits with Hayden's arrival at Redemption Island. Laura and Tina are bummed that he's there. First off, he tells them that Ciera won immunity, and Laura is crazy happy. He tells them about how bad the last Tribals have been. He tells them that whoever gets back in, they need to find the idol and get Tyson out of there. He tells us that he's ready to get right back into the game and he's going to compete against two grandmas, so he likes his chances at Redemption Island. As they read Tree Mail and learn that this is the last truel...all three of them are very ready to get back in this game. Laura desperately wants to go in and rescue her daughter.

We get to Redemption Island and it's a very simple truel. Each player has a see saw board with a vase resting on one end. They have to put one foot on the other end of the balancing board and hold the vase up as long as possible. Last one to have a vase standing wins the truel and gets back in this game. The other two become the fifth and sixth members of the jury. And with that, the challenge begins. For the first time in a while, this challenge doesn't seem to favor any specific type of person. Small, big, light, heavy...doesn't matter. You just have to have good balance and the determination to win. Fifteen minutes in and only Laura has wavered a bit, but quickly got it under control.


At this point, Laura is hopping all over the place...she's done. But wait, she saves it and gets back under control. With sweat rolling in his eyes, Hayden has one slip and his vase hits the rocks and he is out of this game. As soon as Hayden's out, Laura actually asks Tina to let her have it. Um, really? Tina says, "No way, sister, this is a million dollar challenge." At the 30 minute mark, Tina's legs start to shake and she almost loses it. Laura, who's had several bouts of the shakes, starts to teeter again. But this time, there's not enough in her to save it and Tina wins the truel and earns her way back into the game! Not only that, but she has control of the hidden idol clue. Hayden and Laura are out of the game and head out to Poderosa, both having learned something. Hayden learned to really cherish what he has in life, family, girlfriend, etc. Laura learned that not winning doesn't mean you're a failure. Ciera tells her how proud of her she is and that she was awesome, even though she didn't finish off this last challenge.

Back at camp, everyone congratulates Tina...which makes me wonder, do they not speak between the arena and camp? Shouldn't they have already congratulated her? Anyway, Tina's thrilled...Ciera's bummed...and Monica is impressed with Tina's legs. We join Tina and Ciera as they open the clue and start looking for the idol. Ciera is amazed at how a 52-year-old woman can climb these trees and she's left on the ground like the old lady. After searching everywhere, they become resigned to the fact that Tyson must have the idol. Back at main camp, Tyson heads out to get food and Tina starts in on Monica. She tells Monica that the whole jury is pissed at her and don't respect her game. Ciera is freaked out, saying that if you want Monica to flip, you shouldn't insult her. So Ciera tames it down and really tries to pull her in by reminding her how big a move would be to take out Tyson or Gervase right now. Monica tells the camera that she's tired of being pulled and told all these horrible things and that she has a lot to think about.

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