Survivor: Blood Vs. Water Finale Part 1

It's My Night

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analysis HOFer

December 15, 2013

Rockin' the tuxedo shirt.

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Jeff starts by asking Ciera about being an alliance of one. He asks if Tina went right to her about teaming up, which she admits to. Jeff breaks it down that Monica once again is in the middle and he wants to know where she fits. She says that the girls came to her to tell her this is a chance to make a big move and take out the villains. Oddly enough, Gervase doesn't feel like a villain. I wonder if he's felt like that since watching the episodes back, because he's been out of control for the last several Tribals. Ciera once again points out that Monica needs to make the big move and take out the bad guys. Tyson jumps in that he has never called her a lapdog and that he's only said that "I have Monica, meaning she'll vote with me."

It's at this point that Monica starts breaking down from the pressure of everyone coming at her. It's starting to take its toll on her. She tells us that tonight is her night and she's making the move that is the best for her. Not for the boys, not for the girls. Gervase is now a little scared. Considering this is the last night to use the idol, you have to think Tyson will give it to Gervase. Even though that's likely to happen, it might behoove Monica to cast that vote for Gervase. At least then, the jury would see that she made the move. She heard the arguments and actually did something about it. Even if it doesn't work, she would have made a move. And as Jeff tallies the votes, he asks if anyone wants to play a hidden immunity idol and...we go to commercial. DOH!


When we come back, Jeff asks the question again and Tyson reaches into his bag and hands the idol to Gervase and any votes cast for Gervase will not count. First vote, Gervase - will not count. Gervase - will not count. Ciera. Ciera. Fifteenth person voted out, Ciera. And since they did not show a third Gervase vote, we can only assume that Monica voted for Ciera. And as we hear Ciera's final words, we see that Monica did, in fact, stick with the boys and cast her vote for Ciera. Dumb, dumb, dumb. All the way around. To the girls for thinking that Monica would actually flip, when Gervase was a much better target. To Monica for having a chance to make a big move to give herself that one extra talking point at the final Tribal. Just dumb play all the way around.

Come back tomorrow to read Part 2 of the finale recap.

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