Survivor: Blood Vs. Water Finale Part 1

It's My Night

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analysis HOFer

December 15, 2013

Rockin' the tuxedo shirt.

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It's right about now that I start thinking...maybe going after Monica is not the best strategy. They've tried to get Monica to flip how many times now? And she's not doing it. The smart player would think that banging their head against that wall again is a waste of time and maybe they should try a different wall. Specifically, Gervase. Gervase is already irritated by the fact that everyone keeps giving Tyson all the credit for everything. Anytime something is said about Tyson's game, Gervase is right there, "But what about me, guys? I'm making moves too, fellas." All it would take is, "Hey Gerv, you want everyone to think that you've been running the show and not Tyson? Vote him out. That'll end the debate and who will be left to beat you?" Seems like the smart play to me...cause Monica ain't flipping.

And with that, we get to the Probst Sighting and the Final Five Immunity challenge. Each player has a unbalanced table attached to a rope. You have to pull on the rope to balance the table. The challenge is simple, line up 10 blocks on their table without them falling over. Now, the blocks are set at various distances away from the tables, meaning you have to let out a little rope to keep your table balanced. And if your blocks fall over, you have to go back and reset them. Even if you have the next block in your hand, you have to take it back and then reset. Right off the bat, Tina, Monica and Tyson jump out to a quick start. But at four blocks, Monica loses hers and at five Tina loses hers. As Gervase and Tina start to fall out of the challenge, Tyson is looking strong. But it only takes one slip and your entire table will be dumped over. Tyson is at eight blocks and is taking a very steady and slow approach. Gervase catches up and with Monica, they are both right on Tyson's heels. As Ciera, Monica and Gervase all drop their blocks, Tyson gets to the end with his 10th block and he sets is down. Tyson...wins immunity! To receive his necklace, Tyson kneels as if being knighted. And right there pretty well sums up Tyson. Despite the seriousness of the game and the situation, he just can't help himself by being the class clown. He tells us he's excited to have the idol, but he is more concerned with how this next vote goes.


Back at camp, we congratulate Tyson. Seriously, they must have a gag order for the walk back to camp. Tyson tells us he'd really like to keep the idol to give to Rachel, but that right now, the bigger issue is who to vote out tonight. The trio discuss the merits of both players. Gervase feels like Ciera is the bigger threat and that he can beat Tina at the end. Monica disagrees and says that Tina did not have a hand in voting out even one person on the jury and that she will be dangerous in a final Tribal. Tyson tells us that he's going to let Monica and Gervase figure it out and he'll vote with them. Next we see Gervase and Monica arguing over who to vote for. Monica is tired of being bullied by naturally, Gervase's move is to start bullying Monica to go with his idea. Monica is sick of the bullying and Gervase might be in the process of getting his ass kicked out. You can physically see Monica shut down while Gervase is ranting at her and for the first time, I actually think Monica might flip.

Monica approaches the girls and suggests they might have a move. With Tyson not expecting anything, he may not play the idol as he wouldn't know who to play it for. Ciera is stoked at Monica's change of heart and wants nothing more than for Tina to not say anything to mess it up. Monica tells us that she doesn't care what the girls say or what the boys think...she's going to make the best choice for her at this Tribal.

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