Survivor: Blood vs Water - Episode 11

Gloves Come Off

By Ben Willoughby

November 28, 2013

The most disinegenuous player in recent memory.

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Previously on Survivor, Katie was alone at the bottom and “us two Morett girls” were the last pair in the game. The majority alliance came up with a plan to vote out Laura? but “fortunately for them, Ciera was on board.” “The pressure of voting out her mom was taking its toll” but “in the “toughest and most emotional vote of the season,” Ciera voted out her mother. Seven are left, who will be voted out tonight?

That python from last week is still hanging out at camp, all snuggled up in some warm corner of the shelter. I’m kind of surprised that some production assistant hasn’t been tasked with scaring the snake out of there, but it probably keeps the camp rat-free.

“Sorry,” Tyson apologizes to Ciera. “I was part of it too, but it had to happen,” says Ciera. Katie interviews that she was surprised that Ciera voted for Laura?, but she believes that “Ciera has a plan and I don’t think her mother was really part of it.” For her part, Ciera interviews about how she hopes she has proven her trustworthiness by voting out the person closest to her in the game.

Around the fire, Tyson is reassuring Ciera how much he appreciated her vote and that he knows how hard the vote was for her, and that it has proven her loyalty. However, in interview he says that he’s “a little scared of her” because she’s “playing the game pretty hard.”

Meanwhile on Redemption Island, Laura? trolls the camp by calling out “Mom?” “Katie? Oh, honey!” says Tina resignedly, but only fooling - it is Laura? Some mother-daughter bond they share, if Tina can’t even recognize Katie’s voice.

Laura? recaps the vote and explains that Ciera voted for her because she had to, but she’s proud of her. And then she goes to interview about how much it sucks. Everyone on Redemption Island disagrees with the strategy to vote out Laura? as Monica is winning all the challenges while Tyson is “flying under the radar.” “Why isn’t anyone voting him out?” asks Vytas. Patience, my pretty. Roll credits.


Probst sighting! “Come on in guys,” it’s Redemption Arena time with Vytas, Tina and Laura? “voted out for the second time.” Then Probst rubs it in harder by saying that the last vote they showed said “Mom.” Laura? gives the required sniffle, but then says “I’m proud of her.”

The small drama done with, Probst explains the challenge. It’s a race to move four colored cubes along and out of a long net tunnel. Once the castaways have all four cubes, they have to stack them in a column so that there are no repeating colors on any side. Probst also hypes the clue for the hidden immunity idol that the challenge winner will be able to give away.

Vytas and Laura? make short work of bouncing the cubes along the inside of the net tunnel, but on her second cube “Tina, really slowing down.” Vytas and Laura? get all four of their cubes out and start stacking well before Tina even has her third.

However, the puzzle proves to be pretty difficult, and Tina has all her cubes before anyone has finished. Weirdly, there’s no advice from the bench. Eventually, Laura? thinks she has it, Probst confirms and everyone on the benches claps politely.

Then Vytas starts looking over at Laura?’s completed puzzle. Her response is to block his view and then spin the stack to make it harder. Then to really ram it home, Laura? gives Tina step-by-step instructions on how to complete the puzzle. I realize she wants Vytas gone, and I suppose she’s lobbying for Tina and Katie’s jury vote. “Two moms, sticking together,” exuberates Probst.

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