Survivor: Blood vs Water - Episode 11

Gloves Come Off

By Ben Willoughby

November 28, 2013

The most disinegenuous player in recent memory.

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But it’s not over yet. Vytas can also hear Laura?’s advice and uses it to complete the puzzle – about one second after Tina calls Probst over. Tina has it right and Vytas is out. “Good try,” says Laura? but he disdains the proffered hug. “Vytas wants nothing to do with Laura?” says Probst. I’ll accept Vytas’s poor sportsmanship this one time.

I'm not sure what to think of this. Laura? is obviously trying to control her competition on Redemption Island, but Vytas is still a jury vote. I suppose Laura? sees more value in firming up with Tina (and Katie) than letting the chips fall where they may, so it was probably the best move for her.

Anyway, it’s time for the farewell question from Probst. Probst says that Vytas came into the game seeking “some connection with your brother and some recognition of being your own person, and then you leave here because two moms conspired against you!” Probst seems to think this is ironic, somehow.

Then predictably, Probst asks Vytas about his relationship with Aras and whether there could be something there. Which, of course there is because they’re brothers and if Aras and Vytas didn’t get along in real life Aras wouldn’t have brought Vytas to play Survivor with him. Vytas talks about how when Aras came back from the Exile Island season, no one could relate, but this “shared experience will bring us a lot closer.” Consider this dead horse fully flogged. Until the reunion episode, at least.

See you on the jury, Vytas. “Namaste, bitches,” is Vytas’ farewell. Which encapsulates everything you need to know about Vytas.

Who will Laura? give the clue to? Obviously, she gives it to Ciera, and Ciera throws it on the fire. Probst highlights that Ciera must be feeling pretty secure to throw away a clue to something that could keep her safe, and Tyson catches a break. “Thank you thank you thank you thank you,” says Tina to Laura? on their way out of the arena. Everyone else grabs their stuff and heads back to camp.


When the castaways arrive back at camp, they all talk about how “the moms pulled it out.” Tyson interviews that the next two votes are the most important ones in getting to the end, so he feels he has to keep everyone aligned against Katie and definitely not burn his hidden immunity idol on any throwaway vote. In the woods, he underscores to Gervase, Hayden and Caleb say that Katie is the most dangerous person in the game because she has three guaranteed jury votes already.

Hayden agrees to Tyson’s face, but he interviews that while he could “continue along the course” of their alliance of five, he doesn’t “want to be the guy who waited too long to move.” He chats with Caleb. “We’re in the middle. If we do not make a move now, it’s not gonna be up to us.” He feels that Tyson would beat them in a final three. At this point, I wonder if anyone would beat Hayden in any final three, but Hayden interviews that Tyson has “a hell of a resumé to preach to the jury” so he wants to pick him off.

Caleb goes to talk with Katie. “You’re safe,” he says, “we need to get Tyson out.” “Can I trust you one million per cent?” “Yes,” affirms Caleb. Caleb doesn't say many unnecessary words, does he? Katie interviews how she feels like a hermit crab that was walking shell-less on the beach and has finally found some protection.

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