Survivor: Blood vs Water - Episode 11

Gloves Come Off

By Ben Willoughby

November 28, 2013

The most disinegenuous player in recent memory.

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Tyson tells them that Ciera pulled him aside and says “we gotta talk.” He says that it wouldn’t make sense why Hayden and Caleb would want to betray him, and that he was “sceptical of it all.” And in interview, says it makes perfect sense that Ciera would be trying to get further in the game by pitting the guys against one another. “She is too sneaky, too smart and too deceiving to be in the game,” he says. Everyone agrees on a “guaranteed” vote for Ciera.

Still in interview, Tyson says that he doesn’t really trust Ciera, but he doesn’t trust Hayden and Caleb either. He thinks he might have to play his hidden immunity idol. Meanwhile, Hayden the repeated sucker totally believes Tyson. Caleb is more cautious – he likes that Tyson didn’t appear to be scrambling, but he thinks they may still be being played by him.

Tyson has a talk with Gervase. “The boys just approached me” and he recaps it. Tyson says that what they said was plausible, and they have to decide whether to vote for Caleb or Ciera. Tyson's pros for a Ciera vote: she’s a “teenage mom, hell-raiser, she can look in your eyes and lie better than anybody.” Gervase interviews that someone is lying, and it’s either Hayden and Caleb, or Ciera. Who to trust? “If you put your trust in the wrong person, you’re going home,” interviews Gervase.

Tribal Council. In come the jury members, Aras and Vytas, resplendent in tank tops. Vytas has the first smile I’ve seen from him in a while. For some reason Probst doesn’t ask if their time together on the jury or their similar wardrobe choices are going to cement their bond as brothers.


Probst asks Hayden about the people who were sitting out instead of competing in the challenge as all good Survivors should. Hayden shows his palms, which have the skin scraped away on the knuckles. He admits to some jealousy because he is obviously not as comfortable in the game as they are, but he doesn’t single anyone out.

Probst asks Caleb to single out any one of the three sit-outs that surprised him. Caleb demurs, and Probst asks “Not even Ciera?” Caleb replies that Ciera “probably feels comfortable and she likes to eat.” Probst is exasperated. “There’s nowhere to hide, there are seven people left!” I admire Survivor rookies Caleb and Hayden not even bothering to snap at Probst’s bait.

Ciera feels the need to defend herself. She explains that she had no chance in the challenge, and would rather sit out and eat for sure than lose for sure and not eat. Tyson says that he was surprised that more people were not eating. He says that he wasn’t eating because he was comfortable in his alliances, and why aren’t they? “Even though not all of my alliance was there, I tried to enjoy the food as best I can. Which was a lot.”

Gervase says basically the same thing – “I trust people in my alliance... and I’m hoping they keep their word.” Probst points out that Gervase was looking right at Hayden when he said that, and Hayden scrambles that sure, there have been times when he felt a little paranoid, but he thinks they trust one another. Probst asks Ciera if this feels good. “It feels like crap.”

Probst asks Tyson if he would be shocked if he was voted out. He’d be shocked, but that’s Survivor and someone is blind-sided every week. Caleb thinks there will be a blind-side. Ciera says she would be shocked because she has been “100% honest, overly honest in sharing information”. But “the paranoia [of a bind-side] is always there and it’s higher than ever.”

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