Survivor: Blood vs Water - Episode 11

Gloves Come Off

By Ben Willoughby

November 28, 2013

The most disinegenuous player in recent memory.

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Then Caleb and Hayden are talking with Ciera on the beach. “It’s time to shake up the game a little bit. Like, with Tyson.” “Smart,” says Ciera, “we can so out-smart these veterans.” Doesn’t she know this episode is only 21 minutes old?

However, in interview Ciera talks about how Hayden wanted to make a big move and “this really threw me off, because these people who haven’t played the game before are so willing to flip and flop on each other, it’s too sketchy for me to invest in them. So I told Hayden and Caleb what they wanted to hear, but I don’t want to work with people like that.” She’d rather work with (ha, ha) trustworthy non-flip-floppers like Tyson, Gervase and Monica!

Ciera grabs Tyson and tattles on Hayden and Caleb’s big move plans, and then promises “I’m voting however you’re voting from here on out.”

Obviously, Tyson agrees with this plan, saying “you have a better chance against me” and that he has had her back from Day One. Tyson says that he trusts Monica and Gervase will go with them with the flip on Hayden or Caleb. In interview, Tyson repeats that he actually does trust Monica and Gervase, and he hopes Ciera the major wild-card is telling the truth. But he needs Caleb and Hayden out.

Night 28. Tyson is sharing the news from Ciera with Gervase. “So what do you want to do, get rid of Caleb? “Yeah, because he’s so likable, he’s the clear shot at the million.” Is he? Caleb seems very nice, but he also seems to be shy, quiet, reticent and detached, and those aren’t things that make someone likable. Maybe they all like him because they think he’s a good listener.


Gervase interviews that he thought the four guys had control, but now there is all this dastardly plotting! On Survivor! “Sneaky bastards,” says Gervase. Tyson moans that he was all ready to go to the final four with them. Gervase’s interview continues as he talks about how when you break an alliance like that “the gloves come off and it’s gonna get ugly.”

The next morning, there is loads of footage of everyone looking around sketchily. Ciera chirpily asks Tyson if he wants to come get tree-mail with her. As they head off, Hayden and Caleb, who are lying in the hammock together, talk about how Ciera didn’t even say a word to them or look at them when she walked past.

Meanwhile on their walk, Ciera tells Tyson about the weird vibe she’s getting at camp this morning and Tyson says he and Gervase are all ready to vote for Caleb. They high five. “Straight to the finals.” In interview, Ciera says she’s so glad she made the right decision to stick with Tyson, and she should be in “a pretty good spot come next Tribal Council.”

In interview, Hayden recaps the morning’s awkward silence and is starting to wonder “what if Ciera told Tyson?” He talks with Katie about his suspicions, and they agree that Ciera’s chumminess with Tyson is concerning. “Do you think she would go with Tyson?” “I think so, potentially.” Katie decides they need a Plan B. Hayden says that they have to be in the majority no matter what, and Katie interviews that Ciera could be in trouble if she doesn’t win immunity.

Probst sighting! Immunity is back up for grabs! Probst explains the challenge, which is “hold onto spindle which is attached by a rope to a bucket dangling from a frame that contains 25% of your body weight.” When the rope unspools and the bucket drops, you are out. Last person left standing wins immunity.

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