Survivor: Blood vs Water - Episode 10

Big Bad Wolf

By Ben Willoughby

November 21, 2013

I am feeling somewhat isolated from the tribe.

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Tribal Council. Here’s jury-member Aras. Probst’s first question is to Katie, who is obviously still feeling like it could be her tonight. Probst asks Caleb what happens if Katie has the idol. Caleb obfuscates by saying there are tons of maybes and you just have to plan ahead.

Probst asks Tyson about there being one last pair of loved ones in the game. Tyson repeats the common logic about how couples will probably have similar minds and swing the same way. Probst asks Caleb if he saw any concern from either Ciera or Laura? He says sure, but he adds that Ciera and Laura? are different to Tina and Katie, and one of them isn’t about to lay down for the other.

Trying to stir up something, Probst basically asks Hayden if Caleb is telling the truth about Laura? and Ciera being that competitive, but Hayden also equivocates, noting the “I brought you into this world, I can send you out of it” moments we’ve seen and the obvious mother-daughter bond they share.

Probst is getting nothing, so he asks Laura? a question which she absolutely ignores. Instead she points out that it’s an asset to have a loved one in the game because it’s an extra vote that alliance can direct. Ciera rolls her eyes in a “Mom, don’t do this to me” way, and Katie points out that the extra vote and the motivation to go to the end together is also a threat.


Laura?’s response is that sending her out is also a threat because she is someone who could lobby for jury votes. Laura? could really use some of Ciera’s “shut up mom” advice about now, because she is pointing out that Ciera should be a target even after Laura? is voted out. The only players left with loved ones on the jury will be Katie and presumably Ciera after this vote.

Time to vote! After Probst “tallies” the votes and no one coughs up a hidden immunity idol, the votes are for Laura?, Katie, Laura?, Laura?, Laura? and Laura? (Mom). Probst saved that one for last, the evil bastard! “It’s okay” says Laura? to her daughter, “I’ll come back for you.” “No Mom, please don’t” Ciera doesn’t say. Laura?, the tribe has spoken for the second time. Probst’s parting words to the group are about there being no more pairs.

Next time on Survivor “Tyson is in control.” Hayden has figured out there are four newbies who actually need to do something to have any chance of winning, so he plans a Tyson blind-side. “We can so out-smart these veterans,” says Ciera. There’s no gloating interview from Tyson proclaiming “Ha ha ha, I am running this game! Just give me that million dollar check, Probst!”, so I’m not confident it will come together.

Interviewed on Redemption Island, Laura? is feeling pretty sore. “It sucks that I’m here, it sucks that Ciera had to do that, it sucks that she did that.” But she’s going to do everything she can to stay in the game.

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