Survivor: Blood vs Water - Episode 10

Big Bad Wolf

By Ben Willoughby

November 21, 2013

I am feeling somewhat isolated from the tribe.

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“I’m OK with my mom voting not being in the game,” says Ciera, but in interview she says she has no idea what she is going to do.

Probst sighting! Immunity challenge. This time the castaways have to stand on a small platform over the ocean, and lean back while holding onto a knotted rope. At intervals, Probst will tell them to lean back further, holding on further down the rope. Last one standing wins immunity and a belly-filling reward of hamburgers, cheeseburgers, hot dogs, fries and soda. “This challenge is on!”

Probst starts to psych people out right away by talking about bashed-up hands and cheeseburgers. Hayden is out first, followed by Caleb. The rest of them have to move down to the next knot. Gervase falls next, then Ciera, then Katie. “We are down to three,” and then Laura? falls in.

Monica is looking completely focused, while Tyson has a torn rotator cuff, so it’s no surprise when Tyson falls off next and Monica wins immunity. She even pulls herself back up the rope and onto the platform to accept the immunity necklace from Probst, which is pretty badass.

Probst shows her the reward and of course he tells her to invite one person to share it with her, but Monica says that she wants to give it all up to the other six. “Immunity means more to me than cheeseburgers... This is my family out there,” now that her husband has been voted off. Probst decides to allow it, which is utter garbage. The whole point of this is to force someone to make a hard decision that could affect them later in the game. Letting Monica share with everyone and being the only one to miss out is still a hard decision for Monica, but it negates the in-game repercussions. Bad Probst!


Probst makes a lame effort to turn it around by asking Caleb if this was a move in good faith or political, and Caleb says it’s a bit of both, but Monica’s a mom first and this comes from the heart. Everyone else chows down while Monica sits on the pontoon.

When they arrive back at camp, that python is there again. It slithers off while everyone is thanking Monica, and even though they see it no one seems disturbed that a ten-foot snake is sharing their camp.

Ciera initiates a “trust me” discussion with Katie, and after they pinkie swear Ciera says that everyone is voting for Laura? tonight. Katie bluffs and says that she’ll play her idol tonight just to be safe. Ciera says that Katie didn’t find it, and there are a few rounds of “yes I did” / “no you didn’t” until Ciera breaks the loop by claiming that she has the idol. “You stole my idol!” says Katie. In interview, Ciera gloats that Katie folded right away.

Ciera shares that information with Laura? and they go off to tell Tyson. Ciera recaps her Katie-owning moment and suggests that since they know Katie doesn’t have the idol they can all vote for her instead of her mother. Hayden and Caleb both say noncommittally – as you do on Survivor - that they would be down with that. Ciera is trying to figure out what the best move is for her.

However, Tyson is less than pleased that Ciera is making moves on her own, and he says that tonight’s vote has to be Laura? because a couple can swing the game. He makes the rounds to Monica and Gervase. Caleb interviews that Katie needs to go next, because “if she floated all the way to the end, she’s dangerous to be sitting next to.”

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