Survivor: Blood vs Water - Episode 10

Big Bad Wolf

By Ben Willoughby

November 21, 2013

I am feeling somewhat isolated from the tribe.

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Tina starts working on her maze, so Probst goes over to distract her while Aras and Vytas keep collecting their bags. Soon they are all working on the maze at the same time, with Vytas and Tina both in the same spot close to the center. Tina even gets her ball in the final section, but she muffs it and the ball falls through the wrong hole. Start again, Tina.

Vytas is in the center section now, and he gets his ball to stick in the finish spot. “Vytas stays alive.” Now we fast-forward and Tina is very close again. Aras must really suck at this challenge. Tina has her ball in the center section, and this time she manages to stick the landing. Aras is out! All hail King Aras!

Now it’s time for the pre-departure speeches. Probst reminds them of the cheap shot Vytas took at Aras during the sumo challenge all the way back in Week 3, and he asks if having the Survivor experience with Aras means that Vytas might actually let some of that stuff go. “I don’t know,” says Vytas. Way to join in the moment, Vytas.

But then Probst says “do you see the pain that causes in your brother?” and Vytas remembers that this is sort of like Tribal Council, so he recovers and unconvincingly claims that he will never do cheap shot stuff again. But he’d still like some of the rivalry between them to continue. Aras says that things between him and Vytas have been getting better every day, and he can’t wait until they are sitting on the porch with their grandchildren telling stories of playing Survivor together and being blind-sided by Gervase.

So long Aras, first member of the jury. His parting words are “No hard feelings by the way guys, you outplayed me. Good job.” Vytas gets to hand out the hidden immunity idol clue and while he says he’s going to “share it around” due to all of the challenges he is planning to win, this time he’ll be giving it to Katie.


Katie decides to keep it to Probst’s obvious delight, and she later interviews that the decision to keep was a no-brainer, because it’s not as though she could have a bigger target on her right now. I guess Tyson will have to rassle up his search-blocking posse. Katie goes on to say that she is so proud of her mother doing well in the challenge, unaware that Tina is probably talking up her daughter’s potential as a wife and mother to Vytas right now.

Katie explains to everyone that she is going to the bathroom, and Laura? tells her to enjoy reading the hidden immunity idol clue. When we read it over Katie’s shoulder, there are about 12 lines of detailed text giving precise directions to where the hidden immunity idol was formerly located. Oh well. Back at camp, Laura? is suggesting that they hide all the sharp tools.

Meanwhile, Tyson has been thinking about his next move. He says “a lot of people are OK with making moves, so long as they’re not the bad guy. So I’ll have to take another one for the team and be the bad guy again.”

He connects with Hayden and Caleb for a talk and outlays a plan that the four guys will vote for Laura?, and not tell Ciera so she doesn’t have to vote for her mom. They can pull Ciera back in after, he says, but he wants to make sure to break up the pair. Both Caleb and Hayden agree, because what else are they going to say to Tyson’s face? Tyson continues that he wants to stay with the original five and Katie and Monica will be out next.

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