Survivor: Blood vs Water - Episode 10

Big Bad Wolf

By Ben Willoughby

November 21, 2013

I am feeling somewhat isolated from the tribe.

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Hayden interviews that he thinks he can trust Tyson completely, but he seems kind of undecided about whether voting out Laura? is the best move. Tyson says that this is “out last chance to get her before she starts suspecting us.” Then back at camp, he takes his shirt off ostentatiously. “I like Laura?, she loves my jokes,” he says “Katie’s just so-so on most of them.” I’d say Laura? is so-so and Katie despises them.

Meanwhile, Ciera wants to have another conversation with her gung ho mother, but she has obvious reservations because it’s kind of like putting down Old Yeller, if Old Yeller gave birth to you. She starts it off slowly, saying they need to think through their options and that if Katie finds the idol the plan is to vote out Monica. And then where they are at seven... “if you were not in the game right now, I know I’d be final three” “But here’s the deal, would you win?” Laura? challenges. “I don’t know if I would win, but I think I have a better shot at winning than you would. In order for you to make final three, you would have to win every single challenge from here until the end.”

Ciera interviews that she has had a lot of difficult conversations with her mother, and the take-away that she’s going to focus on is that her mother loves her no matter what. So Ciera might as well just vote her out because her own game is ruined if Laura? stays in the game.

Ciera’s conversation with Laura? continues. “If it does come down to six and you’re number six, you have to go.” Laura? doesn’t get it. “Or I’m gonna win immunity,” “But then I go home, and you go home right after me.” Ciera explains that it’s “not realistic for you and me to be in the final three,” but she cracks a little under the maternal pressure and says “we can try it, but it would be risking everything to try it.”


Laura? has a tearful interview of her own where she says her relationship with Ciera is “morphing,” and where once Laura? was the one having to repeat things over and over and over until Ciera ignored whatever Laura? was telling her, this time it’s Ciera’s turn to feel like she’s bashing her head against a wall. “She has the courage to say to her mom ‘This is what I want to do and this is how I’m going to do it. And by the way, I’m going to have to vote you out of that million dollars’... She’s no longer this little girl, which ultimately for me...” I think she was about to say “means my baby doesn’t need her mother any more,” but she had a lot of dust in her eye right then.

It’s night-time on Day 26 and that python is still hanging out. At day-break, Katie gets up as stealthily as she can to go idol-hunting. Laura? says that she has the most to lose from Katie finding the idol, so she’ll be tailing her. “You can’t do that to me first thing in the morning,” she protests to Katie, who explains that’s exactly why she’s doing it. They start digging together. After Katie has left and Laura has followed, the others discuss Katie’s head-start. “About three minutes” is the verdict.

Tyson interviews that it’s a “shifting game” partly because everyone assumes that the hidden immunity idol is still out there, and also because Tyson is like “the big bad wolf,” in that people like him fine until he votes them out. So he feels he has to get Ciera on board with voting for her mother, so she’s not angry with him after it happens. The way he does it is to say “I’m not voting your mom. Hayden and Caleb are voting your mom.”

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