Survivor: Blood vs. Water - Episode 7

Swoop In For The Kill

By Ben Willoughby

October 31, 2013

I wonder what reality person she can date after Hayden dumped her.

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Previously on Survivor, “in the battle of blood versus water, the returning players were in control” until there was a “surprise” switch that anyone who has watched the show previously was expecting. However, while other tribe switches have tried for gender balance, this one was truly random and we ended up with a Tadhana comprised of all men plus Ciera and Galang with all women plus Vytas.

After Galang lost their immunity challenge, the ladies were all prepared to vote out Vytas, but Kat happened to mention that Monica should go next and according to Probst “her betrayal was too much to overlook”, and she was sent to Redemption Island where she found a “I’m breaking up with you” tree-mail from Hayden. At least, in Kat’s imagination. Eleven are left, who will be voted out tonight?

Kat’s post-boot interview starts with “at least I didn’t cry”. She says there were some issues with trust, with Monica and also Rupert’s Laura “feeling on the outs”. To John and Laura?, her Redemption Island companions, she goes through everyone. “over-strategiser, which is Monica, a social [expletive deleted], which is [Rupert’s Laura], a woman who has a target on her back for being a million-dollar player, then her daughter who’s a tag-along, and then the one guy on the all-women’s tribe, and then they all flip on me”. That was amazingly succinct. Maybe she should be recapping Survivor instead of playing it?

But Kat’s biggest concern is her relationship with her boyfriend and current shag Hayden. “No one wants to date someone who didn’t make the merge. He is going to dump me!” The risks of reality show-mances! “Come on!” says John.


On the beach the next morning, Kat sure is crying a lot. The Redemption Island duel is approaching, where she will be put in the stocks and booed by the other castaways while Probst mocks her and Hayden throws rotten fruit and a bucket of fish-heads at her. “Hayden will be embarrassed,” she blubs. Not quite as embarrassed as when he’s watching this. But she hopes she can win the duel and Hayden’s heart again. I’m barely exaggerating.

Time for the duel! Come on in guys! Everyone on Tadhana looks surprised that Kat has been voted out, and Aras gives a consoling grip to Hayden’s knee. Kat, who is bright purple under the eyes, immediately asks him to come down and hug her while saying “I’m so sorry”. For someone who wanted to look cool in front of her boyfriend, this is the worst effort ever.

Probst asks Kat why she is so upset. Kat says that “our plan was to play together”, and she feels embarrassed and that she is letting him down and that she’s really worried about her relationship now. Probst asks Hayden if that is true and he is really going to dump Kat, but he basically replies he is used to seeing Kat as a dork and wouldn’t have their relationship any other way. “My relationship with Kat is even more important than this game,” Hayden adds.

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