Survivor: Blood vs. Water - Episode 7

Swoop In For The Kill

By Ben Willoughby

October 31, 2013

I wonder what reality person she can date after Hayden dumped her.

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Probst asks Monica what she thought about the reveal, and Monica says that telling people they are going is “risky, very risky” and that she would have liked to talk about it first. Katie agrees with Monica, especially the part about discussing with her alliance first. Rupert’s Laura seems to realise now that she made a huge mistake.

Probst says to Vytas that it seems like he is going unless he can convince the other Galangs to vote for someone else. “And it sounds like that could be [Rupert’s Laura] for doing the honorable thing in a game that is anything but honorable”. Well, as Vytas not-so-subtlely pointed out at the time, Rupert’s Laura didn’t do it to make him feel better. She did it to make herself feel better. It was a tough emotional decision and she wanted to allay her guilt. That’s understandable, but it’s also the opposite of honorable.

Vytas’ argument is that while he hasn’t called anyone out by name, that Kat went home because she was not trustworthy, and that “it doesn’t matter how many girls we have, but how many trustworthy people we have”. I think Vytas is about as trustworthy as he is female, but whatever. I do like his “I haven’t stabbed anyone in the back because I haven’t mentioned any names, even though it’s completely obvious who I’m talking about” argument.

Probst says to Tina that this sounds like a decent argument from a guy who has nothing to lose. Tina agrees, saying that Vytas is like his brother, and “their honesty and their sincerity, they reek of it” and if she were only going “on instinct” she would trust Vytas. I think Tina’s partly playing Vytas here.

Vytas, what would Aras say if you were voted out tonight? He says that Aras would be proud, but “pretty bummed that I’m gone” because they are still trying to build a closer relationship and they would miss “a few more steps to grow that much closer together”.

It’s time for Rupert’s Laura to make her defence. She correctly highlights the close bond between Aras and Vytas and points out that it makes them a huge threat. She admits that she struggles with the social side of the game, and says that Rupert would be proud of how she played, and also that it has been good to get out from his shadow. “I feel like I’m coming into my own and it feels good”.

Tough decision says Probst, comparing the “I want to bond closer with my brother” and “I’m a forty year-old finally coming out of my shell” stories. Tina agrees how horrible it is, and says that while she doesn’t come here to make friends, the stories people share with her “are part of the joy I take away from a hard, hard game”.


Vytas says that everyone here has an amazing story, but his vote will be based on who he thinks is the least trustworthy, and “based on our present, not on our past” and “how they have played the last 18 days”. Well, Vytas is full of it, because who was it that brought up his own amazing story in the first place as a reason for him to stay? Vytas. But when Rupert’s Laura has her own story of emotional journey to tell, story is suddenly irrelevant and the vote is all about trust. But these are things you only realise long after Tribal Council is over. He’s really, really good at this.

We see Rupert’s Laura vote for Vytas and Vytas vote for Laura, saying that her speech at camp “should have been switched around the other way”.

Probst goes to “tally” the votes, and it’s Vytas, then Rupert’s Laura, Rupert’s Laura, Rupert’s Laura. “That’s three, that’s enough”, and her torch is snuffed. “Bye guys,” she says. If Rupert’s Laura thought two Lauras on a tribe of eight was one too many, just wait until she gets to Redemption Island.

Probst warns everyone else that one of the trickiest things about Survivor is that “every time you open your mouth, you risk saying something that can get you voted out”. I think they already realise that, Probst. Maybe you should have told Rupert’s Laura before the immunity challenge.

Next time on Survivor, the winner of the Redemption Island duel will re-enter the game and the merged tribe. It’s the return of the “who can hang onto a pole the longest” challenge, which I always like.

Rupert’s Laura can’t believe the others didn’t stick with the plan to vote out Vytas. “If I get back in, I’m certainly not siding with the girls”. There are maybe three people left playing who haven’t voted for Rupert’s Laura, so she’s running out of options.

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