Survivor: Blood vs. Water - Episode 7

Swoop In For The Kill

By Ben Willoughby

October 31, 2013

I wonder what reality person she can date after Hayden dumped her.

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Aras seems to have clued into Tyson’s efforts to undermine him, because he points out “plus he came to your beach and ate all your food”. “I’m a one-man wrecking ball,” says Tyson happily. In interview, Tyson boasts about how he hasn’t gone hungry so far this game, and as the three-time veteran he has everyone convinced “eating maximum amounts of rice is the proper strategy”.

Over on Galang, Rupert’s Laura holds it in for about thirty seconds before saying “Vytas, I respect you so much, I have already cried about this” and spilling the obvious that the four women have an alliance and are going to vote him out. “You’re such a huge threat in this game, your brother’s won before, you are the most amazing man I’ve met, you’ve brought calm to the tribe, I just don’t think a blind-side is fair.” She tells him to enjoy the afternoon while everyone else looks around awkwardly.

“You think that makes me want to have a good afternoon?” asks Vytas. Ha! But then “I appreciate you telling me.” I’m sure he does! Vytas is as good at meaningless platitudes as Monica.

In interview, Rupert’s Laura says that “I feel I did take the bull by the horns by taking more of a leadership position in this tribe. It may put a target on my back but hopefully I’ll get some respect out of it”, says Rupert’s Laura, who just flushed away any respect as a Survivor player the others had for her. In interview, Monica is “flabbergasted” and says Rupert’s Laura should have at least met with her alliance to discuss before her big power-play of “me and the others decided you’re out next”. She and Katie get together to talk about how they cannot trust Rupert’s Laura. “We got rid of Kat because she was doing that” says Katie.


Tina interviews that the plan is still to get rid of Vytas, but Rupert’s Laura is “unpredictable”. Out in the bay, Vytas asks “Is it my time?” and Tina replies “It could be [Rupert’s] Laura.” That’s exactly what I’d tell Vytas just to keep him quiet, but he feels he has “done my due diligence when it comes to building trust with these women”. In particular, with the woman who is just about to be voted out. “Females are in control, but they always need an alpha male to keep around. Otherwise there’s no future for the pride” he observes.

Tina and Katie talk about their upcoming decision, and Tina says that there are “repercussions both ways”. But it’s Katie who gets the pre-Tribal Council footage. She wants to eliminate Vytas, the long-term threat, but Rupert’s Laura is a time-bomb. But she doesn’t know what will go down, she just knows it won’t be pretty.

Tribal Council. Probst asks what happened when the tribe got back to camp, and Rupert’s Laura confesses that she “took it upon herself to let Vytas know he was going home”. “Wow,” says Probst, totally not surprised at all. Vytas talks about how “discouraged” he felt and how “trustworthy” he is.

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