Survivor: Blood vs. Water - Episode 7

Swoop In For The Kill

By Ben Willoughby

October 31, 2013

I wonder what reality person she can date after Hayden dumped her.

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When Tadhana arrive back, they all commiserate with Hayden. The theme for the season continues, Hayden gives one of those tearful interviews about how he feels guilt for not taking Kat’s place. “Kat is a little naïve sometimes and doesn’t always know which way is up, and I’m the one who helps her,” he says. The bedrock of a successful relationship! “I was in a position where I could help her and I didn’t do it.”

But on the bright-side, Hayden also feels “a little relief”, because now he “can play more cut-throat” without the old ball-and-chain around. He notes that everyone on the tribe has lost their loved one, except for Aras. (And also Ciera, but Hayden has forgotten that Redemption Island still counts.)

Aras takes some time to go off for a peaceful walk and meditation. He says he is in a great situation, joining the tribe with his close allies Gervase and Tyson, and also with his “core partner” Vytas still in the game. He says his meditation helps guide him, in particular the part where he visualizes Probst declaring Aras the winner of Survivor: Blood vs. Water.


Meanwhile, Tyson has grouped everyone together to talk about voting out Aras. He says they’ll probably be merging soon, and if Aras and Vytas join up at the merge they’ll be a power couple, and one of them will have to be taken out. Otherwise, as Gervase says, “this final four has two spots taken”. Tyson suggests that this five – himself, Hayden, Ciera, Caleb and Gervase – be the final five. Ciera interviews that she was shocked it was Tyson to say this, but to Tyson everyone says they are happy with that.

The next morning at Galang, “morning princess,” says Tina to Katie, before commenting that she is a “late sleeper-inner”. “Good morning to you too,” replies Vytas, one of the girls. Tina interviews how much she likes Vytas, who has been through “the school of hard knocks” and says she would “be honored if he took an interest in Katie”, before adding that he will “have to hit her over the head with a club and drag her into his cave” because Katie isn’t the flirty type. “But one can dream. I’m ready for grand-babies.” Consolation message to Kat: playing Survivor with your mother is inevitably more embarrassing than playing Survivor with your boyfriend.

Meanwhile, Vytas is talking about how his yoga helps him deal with “feminine energy”, so he feels he knows what will help him “ingratiate more”. He says that “women love a bad boy, but what they like even more... is a newly-reformed bad boy”. He admits to the camera that it’s all very calculated, but it seems to be working. He tells the rest of the tribe about the time someone at his yoga class wanted to borrow a hundred dollars and he lent it to them, because he didn’t want to live in a mean world where people assume other people don’t pay back their debts. Did you understand the moral of the story, ladies?

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