Survivor: Blood vs. Water - Episode 4

One-Armed Dude and Three Moms

By Ben Willoughby

October 10, 2013

You can tell by her smile that she played doctor with Candice and John.

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Previously on Survivor, the castaways were separated into returnees and loved ones, yada yada yada. The loved ones kept losing, Brad picked who would be voted out and the other tribe plus the bootees got upset with him. And “Colton took the easy way out, quitting on the game and his tribemates for the second time.”

Predictably, the returning players won immunity, but less predictably Brad decided that John should be voted out over Ciera, and the rest of his tribe followed suit, “sending John to Redemption Island to battle against his wife."

Night eight on Redemption Island, and John arrives, completely shocked. Candice says “I knew you were going to be too trusting of people,” and interviews how disappointed she is that she wasn’t there to give him pointers. “He’s so trusting, but it doesn’t help you win Survivor.” Maybe she should have re-thought her loved one choice?

Back at Tadhana, it’s the post-Tribal recap where everyone talks about how hard it was to vote out John. “He’s not a good liar,” says Brad but I don’t think we ever saw John lying. If anything, we saw the opposite. He probably really did think it would be sketchy to look for the idol with Brad, but forgot that saying this would look sketchy to Brad. In interview, Brad says that in any other season it would have been five guys to the end, but with loved ones in the mix he wanted to get rid of someone without connections. Like John, whose wife is still in the game.


Around the fire, Brad lectures everyone about how the other tribe needs to realize that Tadhana isn’t going to win unless Galang stuffs up big time. “They need to understand the strategy of this Survivor. This is not us against them, this is some against others.” Sure, but in a way the strategy for this Survivor is like every other season – you want to eliminate the people you want out of the game, without making it obvious that it’s your hand guiding the knife. This season it’s a lot harder to do that, and Brad has been blatantly unsuccessful at it.

Caleb interviews that he is feeling pretty vulnerable after the vote for John and Brad’s big speech, because he is the only one left without a loved one on the other tribe. “I definitely see myself in trouble."

Probst sighting! Redemption Island duel. “Come on in, guys!” Galang sees that John was voted out, and they all have big smiles. Particularly Tina, who probably thought that Katie could be next out.

In come the competitors, and it’s time for the segment of the show we all know and love – it’s “F--- you, Brad Culpepper!” Candice gives a big middle finger to Brad, which is not recommended in the pages of Modern Maturity Magazine. She tells Probst that she was “really upset” when John arrived at Redemption Island. “Upset sad? Upset mad?” asks Probst and Candice says “Upset all.” She wanted to duel against “somebody I could hate, like Brad Culpepper.” Credits.

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