Survivor: Blood vs. Water - Episode 4

One-Armed Dude and Three Moms

By Ben Willoughby

October 10, 2013

You can tell by her smile that she played doctor with Candice and John.

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Tina and Kat sit out the challenge, and Probst questions their sanity – probably for liability reasons - by saying that sling-arm Tyson should be taking it easy. But, no. Tyson thinks he is better than most of his tribe with one arm and he wants to win.

Galang, as you’ll recall from the first episode, is terrible at rowing and Tadhana is out to an early lead with the crate-gathering. However, at their last crate, the Tadhana boat tips over and they are left struggling to load the crates and tribe members back on the boat and Galang makes it back first.

Both tribes start working on their stair, and while Tadhana finishes first, it’s pretty close when the tribes start working on their puzzles. Vytas and Ciera are solving for Tadhana while Tyson and Laura? are doing the job for Galang. Unsurprisingly, Galang solves their puzzle first, start working on their combination, release a key, confirm it’s the right one and Galang wins immunity again. I don’t think Probst even bothers with exclamation points this time.

Laura? and Ciera exchange glances, because Laura? knows that Ciera will be up against it today. But in interview Laura? says that while she wants Ciera to succeed, her tribe was counting on her. Then she rubs it in by saying she knew that Ciera had no chance of beating her. Sorry Tadhana, but “you know the routine.” We don't even see Galang toast each other with their croissants.


After the break, Tadhana has their usual post-challenge misery session. “We suck,” interviews Hayden. He says it is “so disheartening... because clearly we’re a bigger, stronger, more athletic team but today we lost to a one-armed dude and three moms. That’s brutal. Brutal.” Even more brutal – one of the moms sat this one out.

Ciera describes the post-challenge routine, which is that the guys go “get water” which means “go strategize against the girls” while she and Katie “make rice,” which means “how do we save our asses?” Ciera is great.

However, something’s different today because Brad is lingering behind to talk with Ciera and Katie, even though Vytas is calling for Brad to come help with “the water.” Brad tells them that the “no-brainer” vote tonight is for Caleb.

This doesn’t get the enthusiasm Brad was looking for, and he asks “you don’t believe me?” Ciera is quick to say she absolutely trusts Brad because “you have not lied to me yet,” but in interview she is less convinced. Brad probably takes his honesty a step too far when he says “if we lose another challenge, it’s nut-cutting time,” which is Brad-speak for “cut the people without nuts.”

At the waterhole, Vytas is saying the vote should be for Ciera because of her performance on the puzzle challenges this season. But because Brad still isn’t there, Caleb is wondering what he is up to. When Brad arrives, he explains that he has “the girls convinced it’s Caleb.” Brad then gives another interview where he says “as the de facto leader, I got to make some decisions,” and he claims that he’s not worried about Redemption Island heat from Ciera’s mom, which is completely the opposite from his usual “I’m not really the leader. Okay, I am. But why does everyone think I am?” interview

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