Survivor: Blood vs. Water - Episode 4

One-Armed Dude and Three Moms

By Ben Willoughby

October 10, 2013

You can tell by her smile that she played doctor with Candice and John.

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Gervase is left to explain it. “You know Brad... from Tampa, you don’t know Brad from Survivor”, but he is quick to say that he looks at it as a game. I can’t wait until Monica trades notes with Brad about Gervase. “I guess you don’t want to believe that your loved one is the bad guy, quote-unquote that’s getting rid of people, but somebody has to be over there. One of our loved ones has to be running the show,” Gervase interviews, and he knows it’s not his. Anyway, Monica claims that she won’t let the other Galangs down.

Over at Tadhana, it is Brad’s turn to complain about Redemption Island drama. “Why is everybody mad at me, the grand poobah with the power of every Tadhana’s life in the game in my hands?” is a pretty accurate summary. Brad muses that with Colton gone, Caleb has no connection to anyone in the game and a vote for him would offend no one. “I’ve been a target all my life, this is nothing new,” he claims. But he’s certainly acting like it’s new.

While Brad goes out fishing, Caleb, Vytas and Hayden are left to discuss how important it is to keep Brad in the game, because it takes all the heat off them. Hayden says “we just have to make sure we don’t get Johnned.” Brad has a successful time fishing – he finds Nemo and kills him.

Back at Galang, Tyson is still slinged up. He says it is getting better but admits to playing it up so he doesn’t have to do as much. While both Lauras are out fishing, he and Gervase go off for a secret walk to drink coconuts. They have a system where they use a tent peg to drill a hole in the coconuts to drink from, so they still appear whole.


However, they get very close to being busted when Rupert’s Laura and Monica bring coconuts back to camp and notice the holes and the emptiness of the coconuts. Fortunately for “the coconut bandits,” Monica blames it on crabs and Gervase is relieved to say “Operation Coconut is still running smooth.” That’s what counts for drama on Galang this week.

Probst sighting! It’s an immunity challenge, so he takes back the idol despite Tyson’s suggestion that he “can just leave it here.” The editors are sure to include an eye-roll from Brad in response. Anyway, the two teams will paddle out in a boat and around a flag, then release five crates that are tethered to the sea floor, load them onto their boat, paddle back to shore, arrange the crates into a stair, then solve a puzzle, which gives the combination required to release a key, and if it’s the right key they’ll be able to climb the stairs and release a flag. Got all that?

The tribes are also playing for the absolutely huge reward of a continental breakfast! Tea! Coffee! Biscotti! Croissants! Probst tries to pump it up like it’s a big thing, but I bet both tribes would trade it for the fishing gear, even though they both have loads of fishing gear already.

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