Survivor: Blood vs. Water - Episode 4

One-Armed Dude and Three Moms

By Ben Willoughby

October 10, 2013

You can tell by her smile that she played doctor with Candice and John.

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In the battle to avoid last place, Marissa is getting frustrated while Candice is staying calm. She is organizing her pieces by length, while Marissa has a more ad hoc style. Gervase encourages Marissa by telling her to look at John’s puzzle, but Candice catches up, overtakes, finishes her puzzle and survives for the next duel and Marissa is out of the game.

Probst asks Gervase for his thoughts, and Gervase says how impressed and proud he is of his niece, but I think Marissa is too busy being upset to listen or care. I feel sorry for her too, as she never really had much chance to play the game.

Probst hands the clue to John and says he can give it to anyone up on the benches. “Let’s give it to Monica!” suggests Candice. Probst needles John about being bossed around by a woman, and John says that Candice always tells him what to do, though he doesn’t always listen. “That’s what husbands and wives do,” says Candice.

John does listen to his wife in this case, and Probst says “So you’re trying to take a Culpepper down!” “It’s a game, Jeff. It’s nothing personal.” It wasn’t convincing when Michael Corleone said it, and John is no Michael Corleone.


Probst hands the clue to Monica, who is not immediately sure what to do with it. “Walk it down, put it on the fire!” says Brad urgently, repeating it even as she is walking down and doing it. “Doing what she’s told,” mocks Candice, but Monica plays the immunity idol clue better than Candice’s husband did, and burns it. Aras interviews about how Monica was smart to do this, so it must be true! Monica says it worries her that everyone is so aggressive to her husband. When she was an NFL wife did she wonder why all those big dudes were rushing in to pummel her precious baby?

Anyway, we get some Redemption Island footage of Candice and John going fishing. Candice catches more than John, but John claims to be cool with it because he’ll get to eat more. Even though they talk about winning, they seem pretty resigned to the opposite outcome. Candice says that this will be a fun story to tell the kids, and John says “Huh, what, kids? Hey, slow it down, babe!” (Not really.)

Day nine, and back at Galang Monica is still not getting why everyone is mad at her husband. “The ultimate sacrifice is being made by the loved ones on the other side,” she protests, ignoring that Brad is determining which loved ones have to make that “ultimate sacrifice.” “If anyone has any logic they can bestow upon me, I’d appreciate it.”

Monica is sure that Brad is doing everything around camp he can to make the loves ones do better, and interviews that “leaders have followers, and... someone’s buying what he’s selling,” as though everyone should be mad at the followers instead. That’s like getting mad at the flying monkeys while not giving the Wicked Witch of the West her bath.

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