Survivor: Caramoan - Finale (Part 2)

The Last Push

By Ben Willoughby

May 14, 2013

Cochran has never touched this many lady parts before.

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He continues. “The paranoia that ran rampant with you around camp was crippling to the alliance." Dawn says that her paranoia was fostered because of her role in the alliance – to be the one talking to everyone – and without her playing that role, Cochran would not have gotten as far in the game. Cochran agrees that Dawn was an absolute huge asset, but claims that he was the one making decisions. “If I hadn’t become your therapist, I don’t think you’d be still in this game." That was a little cruel, but it effectively counters Dawn’s argument Cochran was reliant on her. Instead, they were co-dependent.

Reynold. He loudly proclaims that he “disliked [Dawn] from Day One because you’re a complete fraud." So, Reynold says “the truth shall set you free." He wants to know what Dawn thinks about Reynold, in three adjectives. Phony. Egotistical. Sexist. Come on Dawn, it’s not that hard! Reynold even said one of the adjectives for you.

“I know what she said to other people, just give it to me!” says Reynold, who seems to be confusing phoniness with politeness. If we lived in Reynold’s non-phony world, Reynold wouldn’t have a lot of fun because everyone would be telling him what a ridiculously smug, conceited blowhard he is.

But Dawn umms and ahhs about how to play it, before settling on “chauvinistic," then backtracking with “great sense of humor." Sure, his great, chauvinistic sense of humor. Then Dawn doubles back again with “vulgar." Reynold says “that is awesome!” like some chick took her top off at a kegger.

Dawn says “I’m not trying to be fake in this game," but Reynold wants her to own it and say to the jury “I kicked your ass." She does, and Reynold wants her to go on “and I liked it, a little bit." “I liked it a little bit,” says Dawn. What is Reynold on? (Also, I think he liked having his ass kicked by Dawn a little bit.)


Andrea says that she is not bitter she was blind-sided, before saying she is not bitter again which is how you know she’s a little bit bitter. But acceptable Malcolm-level bitter, not Reynold-level. She has the dumbest question of the lot, which is “what animal is your Survivor game style like?” Whoa, deep. We only see Cochran’s answer, which was “chameleon,” because of the changing of the colors and doing it at the right time. Adaptability and timing.

Andrea has words for Dawn, that if she was at the final three she would say she played a similar game to Dawn, with the connecting with people and whatnot. Imagine the stuff people are saying back at the Ponderosa about Dawn that three out of seven jurors so far are basically saying “Everything you did was part of the game. Have some emotional support!”

Finally, the one we’ve been waiting for and apprehensive about. Brenda. “Let’s do this," says Brenda.

Brenda says to Cochran that they didn’t have an emotional bond, but she did him a solid at the family visit. She feels like she gave Cochran something, and almost instantly, he took something from her. “Sell me on it of why I should give to you now.”

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