Survivor: Caramoan - Finale (Part 2)

The Last Push

By Ben Willoughby

May 14, 2013

Cochran has never touched this many lady parts before.

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Phillip congratulates all three, and claims to know the sense of satisfaction of reaching Day 39. What does he say about the crushing defeat that comes with realizing no one respects or likes you? Nothing. Instead, without notice, he rescinds Sherri’s membership of Stealth R Us. Then he complains about having to live with emotional outbursts every day from Dawn about being targeted. It made “very disruptive,” as though living with Phillip and having to do all these stupid things to keep him happy was a picnic.

But Phillip has “no malice” towards Cochran who is “a real class act” due to spending so much time invested in keeping Phillip happy. I wonder what Phillip will say after he sees all of Cochran’s confessionals about what a lunatic dingbat Phillip is.

Erik. He talks about how he and Dawn helped each other, but since Brenda was voted out, he wants to know if their relationship was genuine. “Are you aware of the damage you caused?” Dawn says that she used her “relationships to advance herself in the game,” she was more loyal to Cochran, and everything else was about “who is a threat? Who needs to go?”

Then Erik asks Sherri if she knows why she is here. “No one is asking you strategic questions!” as though anyone would be asking Erik strategic questions if he were in Sherri’s place. Sherri doesn’t know why that is. “You were a seashell on a beach!” Erik is saying this, but he should be wondering why his ears are burning. As someone who played an opaque game himself, I don’t see why he needs to put her down.


Sherri’s response is aggressive. “That’s your opinion, Erik. That’s fine, and I don’t care." She tells Erik not to talk down to her with a “holier than thou attitude." “If you’re done with me I’m done with you. I don’t need your vote! I’m obviously not going to get it! You can sit down!” I think by this point, Sherri has well-realized that she is not going to win, and just wanted to get some self-respect back. Erik is sent back to his seat.

Michael. He doesn’t have a question for Sherri either. After the swap, he saw Dawn and Cochran working together and he feels that “Dawn, you’re getting more of a punch-gut kind of thing.” Can Dawn explain why Cochran is not being called a villain while she is? Dawn explains that she developed relationships in the game, and also had more responsibilities when it came to dealing with people, so maybe Cochran isn’t seen as having as much blood on his hands. He wouldn’t be here if Dawn hadn’t developed the relationships, and “there were times when he didn’t have to do anything but turn up and say ‘How do I vote?’”

Michael asks Cochran if what Dawn is getting is deserved. He says he doesn’t know but is “happy she receiving these reactions” because his chances went way up. He disagrees with Dawn’s assessment. “Certainly there was a reciprocity and symbiosis...” Dawn says she never said that, but I think it's because Cochran is using Harvard words.

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