Survivor: Caramoan - Finale (Part 2)

The Last Push

By Ben Willoughby

May 14, 2013

Cochran has never touched this many lady parts before.

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Tribal Council. In come the members of the jury, including new members, Brenda and Erik, who looks sufficiently recovered already.

Probst’s first question to Cochran is about Erik passing out. Cochran holds back his elation and says that it’s “a scary reminder of even how late in the game something devastating can happen." Probst asks Eddie the unsentimental question about whether it opened any doors for him. Eddie spills that he thinks Erik, Dawn and Sherri were the planned final three, so yeah. When asked by Probst about why he wasn’t on that list, Cochran says that “it is alarming. It’s probably a 'good’ thing that Erik wasn’t there... it was the circumstances how he went that made it hard to celebrate it."

Anyway, Probst asks Cochran about his immunity win. “It is bizarre to me,” says Cochran. He says that when he looks at the Survivor logo, he thinks maybe he can satisfy the “outwit” part, but not the “outplay” or “outlast”. He mentions his first season and how people made him feel he was worthless. “I’m feeling more confident. That fact that I’m able to succeed is remarkable to me." Then Probst moves onto today’s immunity win, because it’s all about Cochran. “The most incredible moment of the game for me so far... because I wouldn’t have been capable of doing that a couple of years ago."

Probst confirms that tonight is between Dawn and Eddie because even he knows how toxic Sherri seems to be. What is Dawn’s case? She says she has done a pretty good job of maligning herself with everyone on the jury, while Eddie is very likeable.


“Eddie,” Probst gives a cue. “Yeah?” says Eddie. “It’s your game, brother.” Everyone starts laughing at his cluelessness. Even Erik. Can we seriously see anyone not named Reynold voting for him in a final Tribal Council? He finally says “I would say the same thing as Dawn, but the flip side. Not to put my own self down, but I did only put one person on the jury. Strategy-wise, how much did I really, really do out here?” True. Though not having voted for anyone on the jury is considered a plus.

What is Cochran thinking? Cochran defends Dawn as not being a complete villain. What is important to him is what criteria the jury will be using to make their decision.

Probst hasn’t asked Sherri anything yet, so he asks her what it’s like with “nobody really paying any attention?” She says that no one seems to consider her a threat, but everyone forgets she is still sitting there. Several of the jury don’t want to be reminded of that. Cochran also defends Sherri, saying she has done more than has been apparent.

Eddie tells Cochran that his best chance of winning is going with him and Sherri. Sherri likes that idea. Dawn is fearful, but no more than at any other point on the game.

Anyway, it’s time to vote. We see Eddie’s vote for Dawn, “Sorry Dawn, me or you,” and Dawn’s vote for Eddie “Please go home.” We don’t see Cochran’s vote, which is for “the only person out there who can beat me, so you gotta go.”

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