Survivor: Caramoan - Episode 10

Zipping Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

By Ben Willoughby

April 18, 2013

With Brandon and us gone, who will people despise now? Oh right, Cochran.

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Andrea is still very paranoid. To calm her, Probst tells everyone how to spell Phillip, but Andrea still thinks there might be some kind of double-play going on. It sounds like she heard Brenda and Dawn whispering. It’s a good thing for Andrea that she is sitting right in the middle and is preventing everyone from getting on the same page.

Erik raises his hand for teacher. He correctly points out that the bros are all three amigos-ing it, but what if one of them doesn’t play their idol? This seems to calm everyone down. Phillip declares that “we vote the way we said we would when we came in here, and if it means for me to go home, I will go home. But I’d rather they vote me out because they are doing it strategically and trying to malign my character” based on an accurate assessment of things Phillip has said and done. Oh Phillip, haven’t you realized the show’s editor and your behavior are doing that already? I think this really means that Phillip would rather keep his delusions than possibly be voted out by his own alliance.

Probst asks Cochran, resident Survivor nerd, what is happening. He analyzes that “I’m having this real bi-polar reaction” as a fan and a player. “Voting patterns are changing, which is extremely rare in Tribal Council, so this vote’s going to be a gamble,” and he looks across at Dawn. Does that mean something? We all know how Cochran likes gambles. Probst asks Dawn about what if it is a misdirect? She says that it would just take a couple of votes to get rid of someone who is not Phillip.

Probst sums it up. Who are the three amigos voting for? Who are the seven voting for? Will Eddie and Malcolm play their hidden immunity idols? “Whatever happens tonight, this is why I freaking love Survivor after 13 years,” says Cochran, who has still apparently never kissed a girl.


They all go to vote, and none are revealed except Erik’s vote for “fillup”. He takes a long time with the font and the coloring and everything. I’m sure that will teach Phillip a lesson in correct pool etiquette! Malcolm looks especially jaunty as he struts up. Before Probst “tallies” the votes, he asks if anyone will be playing their hidden immunity idol. Eddie basically leaves an Eddie-shaped puff of smoke behind him, and after a pause Malcolm follows. They hand their idols to Probst, then fist-bump. “Bastards. Come on,” says Malcolm, ruing that he couldn’t keep his idol.

The votes are... two for Malcolm, do not count. Four for Eddie, do not count. And then Phillip. Phillip. Phillip. That’s enough, Phillip is gone, briefly forgetting his torch on his way out. Dawn’s eyes are wide like saucers. How paranoid is she feeling now? But her teeth look great! Phillip, the tribe has spoken.

Probst asks the obvious but correct question before sending everyone else back to camp. “One of the craziest tribals ever... did they change the game enough to survive another vote?” Eh, probably not.

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