Survivor: Caramoan - Episode 10

Zipping Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

By Ben Willoughby

April 18, 2013

With Brandon and us gone, who will people despise now? Oh right, Cochran.

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Among Stealth R Us, Phillip is starting to tell us all about his traumatic childhood experience involving water, when Andrea decides to go looking for the idol. Dawn too, but I suspect it’s because she doesn’t want to hear Phillip’s story either. Brenda is left behind to be the Phillip-wrangler, and she talks about how tough the challenge is.

All five of them seem to be looking pretty hard for the idol, and they all run into each other. No one gets all “j’accuse!” that someone else is looking for the idol. Malcolm is looking around a rock face, and Dawn is asking him to tell her if it is not there so she can go look somewhere else. However, Malcolm reaches into a hole and finds the idol. “I got it.” Andrea and Dawn are right there, watching. Eddie too.

Anyway, Andrea interviews that flirtation be damned, Eddie is going home tonight. If it’s meant to be with him, they’ll hook up at the reunion. Stealth R Us meets to discuss the new plan – which is the same as before to get rid of Malcolm if he does not play the idol, and get rid of Eddie if there is a re-vote. Eddie interviews that he is “double-screwed” because Reynold has an immunity idol and everyone knows about Malcolm’s secret idol.

Tribal Council. We see our first member of the jury, Michael, who lives up to his stereotype as “the gay” by doing a high double-hand wave and hip-swagger combo as he enters.


Probst’s first question is to Reynold, asking if he, Eddie and Malcolm are still on the outs. Reynold confirms that is the case, and it’s “win immunity or go home” from this point, Eddie agrees and says he is “take all the positive you can from the whole experience.” Probst points out to Andrea that Eddie’s talking like he’s going. Andrea explains that Malcolm found a hidden immunity idol and everyone knows about it. Dawn makes a huge “guess what?” crazy-face at this announcement. Malcolm shows it off.

After confirming with Cochran that Eddie wasn’t anyone’s first choice Probst asks who was, and is gratified when Cochran tells him it was dreamboat Reynold. Cochran lays it on thick, lying that Reynold is so charming and an immunity threat to boot. If Reynold was as charming as Cochran says, how come Cochran wasn’t won over by all that masculine tomfoolery last week?

Probst doesn’t want to let challenge quitters off easily, so he says that “he cannot think of a time someone volunteered to sit out of a challenge for individual immunity” when there was no fantastic bribe like peanut butter. He didn’t even get to see any boobs! Phillip begins to share his shocking and disturbing childhood trauma that scarred him for life, but fortunately my wife entered the room to ask me a question and I didn’t have to pay attention. Do you care either? If you do, I’m pretty sure it was like Timothy Hutton in Ordinary People.

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