Survivor: Caramoan - Episode 10

Zipping Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

By Ben Willoughby

April 18, 2013

With Brandon and us gone, who will people despise now? Oh right, Cochran.

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Phillip comes in for purple’s final leg while Sherri is struggling through the rice. Sherri finally makes it, and Brenda races through the course so Eddie can run orange’s final leg, but purple are already shooting hoops. They have seven by the time Eddie’s at the rice, ten when Eddie reaches the mat, Cochran (!) shoots the 11th and Phillip the 12th, and the reward is over. Brenda has the sickest face you will ever see. It’s like, “I already know I’m not winning a million dollars, but losing out on that sandwich just rubs it in my face.”

After the break, Dawn’s retainer looks especially bright as the purple team arrives at the resort. Cochran, as usual, gets the interview because he’s the only one who puts any effort into thinking up what to say in confessionals. He showboats that “Apparently protein is important in one’s diet, and this was the sort of energy I need to go into challenges and continue being the challenge monster that I’ve proven myself to be.” Dawn likes the shower. She interviews that “I’ve been losing my marbles. The hardest thing to process about the game, it makes you feel kind of schizophrenic how quickly your emotions change.”

Phillip is indifferent to the shower. He jumps straight into the pool without washing off the challenge mud or the challenge rice, and he has a big cloud of dirt surrounding him. It looks like Pigpen was kidnapped from the Charlie Brown Christmas special and dumped into an Ethel Merman movie. Erik interviews about Phillip’s poor pool etiquette, but Phillip doesn’t care. He’s already naked. “I’m loving life!” he declares.

There’s no jealousy footage – or even footage of Reynold optimistically trying to shake up the game by bro-ing down with Phillip. Instead, it’s night and everyone’s sleeping on the beach instead of the shelter. They are all snuggled up in a line, except for Dawn, who is out on her own for some reason. She hasn’t been sleeping well and is feeling more and more paranoid.


The next morning, Dawn is worried that Andrea is spending too much time with Malcolm and Eddie, and they could pull Andrea to join them and vote Dawn out? Really? Andrea who has been making all the voting out plans in her alliance and leading Phillip by the nose? Phillip and Cochran try to reassure her. However, in interview, he mocks her. “Daaaaaaaaawwwwn, True Grit,” with sarcastic emphasis “she’s totally a lunatic and she’s losing her composure out here.” Cochran also finds Dawn’s conviction that she will be targeted “baffling” and says it makes him more suspicious of Dawn. But Dawn is almost chewing through her retainer as she and Brenda watch Andrea feed Malcolm and Eddie toasted pieces of coconut.

“It’s so hard on me,” Dawn complains. “I need a break.” Andrea tells Phillip that “she’s losing it” and they both talk about how paranoid Dawn is. But Dawn finally gets the “what’s going on with me” chat that she needs with Cochran. She spills about how unstable she is feeling and how overwhelming it is, and apologizes because she is tougher than this. “I’m so tired of crying,” she says. Cochran really doesn’t have to do anything but listen here, but he interviews that “there’s a possible little hummingbird who is zipping over the cuckoo’s nest.”

But next morning, Dawn has managed to sleep the whole night and is happy again. Another new Dawn! It’s Day 28, which was the day Dawn was voted out in her first season, so no wonder she was over-thinking. About time, because I’m sick of this B-plot and want to get to the fireworks factory.

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